Lola O.

I got into Korean dramas my sophomore year of college and from there I became hooked and absolutely would rather watch a Korean drama than any American show. American entertainment could learn quite a few things from the Korean entertainment world.

You could say my love for Korean dramas sparked my interest in the language, culture, and eventually made me want to change my life and move to Seoul to teach and see life in new eyes.

It all started with...

This was my very first Korean drama...and I wish it hadn't taken me so long to discover how awesome K-dramas are. After watching this drama I wanted more, and eventually got into Japanese dramas (Hana Yori Dango, Kimi Wa Petto) and Taiwanese dramas (MARS, ISWAK, Devil Beside You) and my love for all thing Asian grew from just the entertainment side to the language and of course the culture.

I love the passion of the Korean language. I just love how it flows off the tongue...I don't know but for me listening to people talk in Korean or listening to Korean music is wonderful.

Alrighty on to My Firsts...
K-drama: Full House
K-movie: 200 Pounds of Beauty
K-crush: Rain
K-forum: Soompi (best site ever for all things Korean)
K-blog: Javabeans
Korean words: Anyounghaseyo (
안녕하세요)...Kamsamnida (감사합니다)
Korean phrase I love: Do you want to die?(죽을래) when they say it in Korean I just love the way it sounds.

*Favorite Korean Dramas*
Golden Bride
Dal Ja's Spring

*Favorite Korean Music*
Epik High
Big Bang

Note: A lot of people ask me what is the point of listening to music when you don't understand what their saying. My response is the language that is music has no limitations. I love the way it sounds, and I will usually try and find an English translation. But for me it doesn't matter so much that I don't understand the words, but that the song impacts me. The beauty of music is the freedom to listen to it.

I'm excited to experience Korean culture firsthand and not from my computer screen.
~Lola O.~

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