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Last Friday I went to do my follow-up with my GI doctor, and I don't know why I was expecting to get the "everything is fine" speech so soon. I mean I finished up my medication last week so I just thought everything would be fine. I need him to give me a letter of good health to submit to KC/SMOE with the rest of my application stuff. So instead of getting that letter of good health, he decided he wanted to run some more tests to make sure all the bacteria (H. pylori) is out of my system and to see if my blood count has improved.

You don't know how sick I am of tests especially blood tests. I hate needles! I close my eyes and try not to whimper like a baby when they do it. The sight of blood makes me want to gag. So now I have to go to the lab and run a few more tests. I have had a problem with anemia for the past year, and I am still anemic. I cannot describe the utter tiredness that consumes me because I'm anemic. I have fatigue like no other, so I am still on iron supplements/ iron-rich foods until my blood count goes up significantly.

I just feel nervous about all these tests and all the waiting I have to do. I hate going to the doctor and I have been to the doctor's office way too much in these past 3 months. I am just praying to God that 1. No more h.pylori in my body 2. My blood count improves 3. I finally leave for Korea at the end of February with good health. I have another doctor's appt in December and then based on how that goes we shall see what happens next.

It just feels weird, being 22 and dealing with this kind of stuff. I mean I used to be so healthy, before all this unraveled. I just want to feel like a normal 22 year old. Healthy and alive and just having fun. I don't want to feel so tired and weak all the time. It seriously sucks! But I am keeping positive and trusting that as long as I keep my focus everything will work out in my favor. I guess I am also nervous that something like this could/will happen again.

I got my SMOE 2010 contract in an email today, and felt nervous and excited all over again. Excited for things to start happening again. It's been almost 3 months since my trip to the hospital and I am just happy to be on my way to doing what I want to do with my life. For me, going to Seoul is the only thing I am sure about right now so I want to go for it, take that risk, and see what the results are. I was nervous for the same reason I am excited, it's all starting again.

KC/SMOE have been great for me and very understanding of my situation. Let's just hope that continues and that they don't have the debacle they did for Fall 2009 with the 100 teachers that got screwed. I think they've learned from that and won't repeat their mistakes again (hopefully). I feel like the next three months will go by fast (thankfully) with weddings, Christmas, New Years, and just lots of family time. I think God had a reason for me to stay here right now. I know I am here to help the people around me and share their special moments with them.

Everything has its season, and mine will start soon. I am not looking forward to paying for my visa, ticket, and other expenses all over again. That really makes me annoyed when I think about it. Especially since I haven't found a job yet. I kind of get the feeling God doesn't want me working right now, especially with me being constantly tired. I just hope though that I can find something, even if it's just for the holidays that can add a little cushion to my bank account.

I really need to practice my Korean, and getting back into the learning about Korea mood. I am excited to finally go and meet people there, and just live. I guess I am most nervous that something else will happen to keep me here, but I trust that God knows my heart and will make my path smooth. I cannot wait to explore, enjoy, and learn there. I hope going there will help me figure out what I'm going to do with my life.

Seoul, Korea here I come!!!!
~Lola O.~

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  1. Better safe than sorry with the testing. I hate it too...blood. bleh~ I don't even know my blood type cause in highschool I was too scared to take the test. haha

    Anyways I am sure your health will climb upwards from here. Anyways have fun with your holidays ^^

  2. Lola O. Says:

    Thanks Joy! Yeah, it is better to know than to have to find out the hard way again:)

    I hope you are having fun with all your time off.

  3. i can't wait till you get out here! it'll definitely take some time but like you said... with your desire God will reward you. ^_^.

    ALSO! have you been watching You're Beautiful? i love it!! or how about Iris? ^_^.

    hope you have a good rest of the week!

  4. Lola O. Says:

    I just started watching it yesterday and I LOVE IT. JGS has a really deep voice and it is sooo sexy. It is a lot of fun. I am waiting to watch IRIS though.

    I look forward to seeing kdramas on tv soon.

    I hope everything is going well with you:). How was Pepero Day?