Lola O.
Yeah, I have no idea how to use any of this stuff, and my co-teacher's response is just press the biggest button and start it. That doesn't really work for me. I'd be grateful for help translating the following items.


Rice Cooker

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  1. Matt Strum Says:

    I added translations to the image. I couldn't read some of the words on the rice-cooker image though.

    Washer 1

    Washer 2

    Rice Cooker

    Some of my translations could be wrong, so anyone else should feel free to chime in and correct my translations ^^ Good luck~

  2. MC Says:

    Hey Lola

    I found a video of Simon and Martina (they are ESL teachers in Korea from Canada) explaining how to use washing machine and their official site that indicates washing machine terms from Korean to English! I hope this helps you!



    If you haven't heard about Simon and Martina; you should totally check them out! Their videos are very informative for anyone who plans on living in Korea!

  3. Nadeem1414 Says: i have visited to this site which is providing the better services in the field of translation.

  4. What your coteacher said is a hint. It means she doesn't have a clue to live in another country and be confronted with gadgets in a foreign language. Shame ..shame! haha...Don't press the big button on go with it...

    Laundry machine:
    1. Press the "wing" like button on the left first. This turns the machine on. Next change the setting. This is the dial thing in the middle. The best setting here is the "wool" 울. This is the best setting. It uses cold water and does things gently. Korean machines are known for spinning a lot and twisting your clothes. This is the best one I found. After you got that in that area. Next is to press the "start" wing button on the right. It should lock and start working. Oh add your soap somewhere in the top...a pull out drawer should be there. You got a nice machine by the way!

    Those buttons on the other side of the machine just leave them alone.

    Trust me if you touch stuff the next thing you know your washing for 5 hours! These machines do have a dryer. I forgot the setting for this..but it uses a lot of electricity better to just air dry.

    Rice cooker:
    I never used the electronic kind. Here pressing the big red button might just work fine.

    Good luck!

  5. Lola O. Says:

    Thanks for all the help:)!!! I finally used my washing machine and had no problem working it. I will try using my rice cooker another day:)!

    My readers/fellow bloggers are awesome!!!