Lola O.

This past Friday, I went with some friends to see the musical Nanta. I really enjoyed it, because it was all about the music and body language between the cast, there were very few words spoken in Korean/English, so you don't have to understand Korean to see it. It was funny, and a nice way to spend an evening. I was laughing and grinning the whole time. They really like getting the audience involved. The best part, was when I got chosen to go on stage and get married...rofl. Yeah, a very short Korean "wedding" took place. I was laughing the whole time because the guy they chose was someone I went to orientation with, and it was just funny being on stage. We got a little key chain for your phone, and a picture to keep.

 They don't let you take pictures, but I was able to take this one before the usher came...:)
This was taken before I got hitched...
After getting hitched:)...I think that chef holding my arm wants me to run away with him...he was pretty good looking:)

That's a wrap...look forward to more photo diary entries...

Be Blessed,
~Lola O.~
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  1. Did you watch Nanta? How's it? Pretty good,isn't it? Did you get hitched? :) So was I! I watched the show in 2001. At that time, this show was just begun in Korea. Anyway,The chefs were having a match of making dumplings and needed more hands. Two chefs came down and took me and other audience. I was very embarrassed but happy. ^^
    You are wearing a hanbok. ^^
    Were you married with the guy next you? I'm so curious!

  2. Lola O. Says:

    I enjoyed Nanta. Yes, that was the person that I got fake married to. His name is Paul.

  3. Bananas Says:

    hello my name is Nasra, and i just found your blog is helpful. Coming to Seoul for hte first time and i wonder if i can get some tips from you, you obviously know the place. Judging by how crazy in the internet can get, i'll send an email to possible.lolainseou....etc feel free to get in touch with me or offer advise.

    Harmless Stranger...

  4. How did your mom take the news about your marriage?! ;)


  5. Phoenixstorm Says:

    Nanta is a total blast. Beforehand I thought I'd be taking a quick nap for the performance but it was a roller coaster ride of hilarity!

  6. Lola O. Says:

    Bananas: I've only been in Seoul for a little over 2 months so I don't know that much. You should check out the right sidebar for links to helpful blogs, articles, and websites for information.

    Amanda: Lol...haven't had a chance to tell her yet.

    PS: Yeah, I wasn't expecting it to be so funny, but it was a really good time.