Lola O.
The weather is so depressing today. I usually like gloomy days, but since I have to deskwarm all day I'm not really digging the weather. There is only like 4 people in the building. I'm hoping that they'll let me go home early, but I kind of doubt that. I'm going to use the day to print stuff about my trip to HK and Jeju, and try to study my Korean. I'm really tired though, but in a good way.

I went out with some friends for some BBQ yesterday, and met some friends of friends, and we ended up at a bar named Mike's Cabin, which was a pretty chill place to hang out on a Sunday night. We talked, laughed, played some foosball, and watched some guys playing poker. I have no idea how to play poker, but it seems kind of boring. Just another guy thing I don't understand. We stayed out till a little after midnight, and then a friend and I caught a taxi home.

Since life is never a dull moment, we almost got into a car acciddent with another taxi. The other driver was at fault, and complete moron who doesn't understand what a lane is. He almost slammed into the side of our taxi, thank goodness our driver screeched to a halt and kept us from a early morning trip to the ER. When I though we were going to get hit, I just saw it playing out in slow motion, and I thought to myself great, just freaking great, sorry mom. Then I heard the tires screeching and the other taxi kept going, and I realized we were safe, and then I began to laugh with my friend because that's the thing about life. It changes from instant to instant, and it can go from good to great, great to bad in 60 seconds or less.

We made it home safetly, and I entered my place to see that I had left the A/C on, and I was just like screw it, whatever, and passed on my bed a little after 1. I left a light on because I was worried about not waking up in time to get to school by 8:40. I was so tired when I woke up this morning, and I am still tired but it is a good kind of tired. I had a good time, I laughed, I enjoyed myself, and since today is only deskwarming it was worth it.

I've got to deskwarm tomorrow and then camp starts back up on Wednesday. I'll worry about camp tomorrow night after my tutoring session which I need to study for. I'm tired, but I feel lighter, and I'm smiling. I'm coming back to the world of the living, and I'm starting to get excited about my vacation which I just realized begins next Friday. So soon!!! I'm ready for more adventures, and just some time away from the life here that has become my norm. My friend was saying I look tired, and I said I feel tired, she said I must be burnt out, and she's right. I need a change of place, to breathe air in another place, and just get away for a it, and gain some clarity. I've got 8 days in Hong Kong, 5 days in Jeju to relax. I also got tickets to the Incheon Wave Festival, which is the day before school starts back up and I am so excited for it. I'm making dreams come true in my own way.

Tomorrow, Taeyang's Solar Concert tickets go on sale and I am crossing my fingers I can get my hands on a VIP ticket. It will be an early 23rd b-day present to myself:). When else am I going to get a chance to see Taeyang hold a concert? I really hope that it doesn't get sold out. He's doing 2 concerts, so I hope that helps my chances of getting VIP, or at least getting a ticket. Crossing my fingers, and hoping for the best!!!

Today is the perfect day for reading a book at home curled up on my sofa, but alas I am here at school wasting away.

Be blessed,
~Lola O.~
3 Responses
  1. BuckyHermit Says:

    Ugh, the weather is foggy AND hot. Can't get much worse than that.

    My shortcut to work usually has a gorgeous view of Seoul Tower. Today, it was stuck in the middle of the fog. Ew.

    Hate to tell you this, but Hong Kong won't be much better. It's sweltering there; the humidity is much worse than Korea. There's a reason why I'd never live there, no matter how my relatives there beg me to.

  2. Lola O. Says:

    The sky has cleared up so it ended up just being a gloomy morning. Yeah, I'm dreading the humidity. I was looking at the weather and August isn't the greatest month to go in terms of awesome weather.

    Oh well, as long as it doesn't rain and ruin my plans I can deal with the humidty. Hmm...much worse...Seoul weather sucks I can't imagine worse weather...maybe I'll be lucky and catch an unusually awesome 8 days of fabulous weather.

    A girl can dream:)

  3. BuckyHermit Says:

    Put it this way -- in Hong Kong, it's so humid in summer that you can nearly drink the air.

    When I was there in February, it took an entire week for washed clothes to dry. Even in February.