Lola O.
That day was one of my best days here in Korea. We had decent seats, bu after I pretended to be from South Africa we got to sit in the VIP section, and the only people between us (me) and the stage (Taeyang) was security and photographers. I was really thankful that day for being a foreigner.

The photos of Big Bang are biased and reflect my appreciation for Taeyang:) if only he was taller this appreciation would become infatuation muahahaha...enjoy

This adjussi was hilarious with his dancing and cheering. Cool dude!!!

When the Big Bang boys came off stage during their performance, G-dragon was like 5 feet away from me, he is sooooooooo skinny, short, and feminine looking. I still like his voice though. Oh and the crazy VIPS sandwiched me, seriously the girls were insane, so much pushing and shoving. A securty guy came and tackled a girl, it got scary and that was when it was time to peace out. I only wish the photos were better, but look forward to a post from Taeyang's fan signing with more pictures. Click below for my photos...

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