Lola O.
Whenever I am with my friend Sarah we always end up in laughable situations with Korean adjusshis. On Sunday we were on the bus heading back home from Itaewon, and as usual people/men were staring. There were no seats left so we were standing and this adjusshi took my bag to hold it for me before I could even say no. He seemed sketchy and I didn't want my property to be desecrated..LOL. Then he started talking to me in Korean about how he has a 12 year old son, and then he took out his phone, and called this supposed 12 year old so, and handed the phone to me.

This really deep voice came on and I was like in my head this is not a 12 year old kid, what is this dude up to. Then I kindly shoved the phone back at him asking why he's doing this, and he started talking really loudly to his "son" on the phone, to my embarrassment because everyone was looking at us on the bus. His son obviously didn't like what his dad was doing and hung up, and then the dad apologized to me, and I took my bag and sat down with Sarah in the now vacant back row. Before he got off the bus, he said bye to me. It was a weird but interesting experience...aren't they all.
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  1. I hate creepy people on the bus. I too keep getting creepy men starting at me. They even are as bold as to say "where are you getting off at." I want to be a completely bitch and say "fuck off or none of your business" lol but I always say something "oh father down" or "almost at the end of the line" LUCKILY none of these creepy men get off at the same stop and I usually get home at daylight...excpet winter is coming soon so it gets darker quicker.

    When I went to phoenix I had this guy try to take my bag too on the light rail. He was trying to be "helpful"

  2. Lola O. Says:

    IDK what the deal is with the creepers but I feel bad for their wives and children if they have any.