Lola O.

This one goes out to all the lovely people in my life that make me feel thankful everyday to have crossed paths with them. Maybe it was just for a moment, a day, a year, but hopefully we'll know each other for our lifetimes.

This one makes me smile and giggle a bit when I listen to it. It's a great anthem for youth, discovery, and rebellion.

Her voice is so captivating and hauting. I just love it!

I've been crazy about Gavin since I first heard "I Don't Wanna Be" on OTH. He's back to his awesomeness with his album "Free" and this song. It's soothing and very him...

Love The Cary Brothers, and this song just wraps itself around my insides and squeezes me tight.

I smile and dance around my apartment to this jam. It's got a great message, and Bruno's voice is daebak:)!!!

Hans Zimmer. Inception. Enough said!

I've been enjoying Jimmy Eat World for years, and this song is on the top of my list as far as favorites go. Plus it really resonates with the 23 year old me.
Music is a gigantic part of me, and these are just a few songs I'm really digging right now. Hope your enjoyed, and Happy Tuesday to you!!!

Be blessed,
~Lola O.~
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