Lola O.
I had the day off of school today which worked out well because I am having a bad allergy attack and feel miserable. My only adventure was meeting a friend of a friend who is going to teach me acoustic guitar. So as I was walking down the subway stairs at Guro Digital Complex I heard this woman screaming up at someone. I see her standing there below and I try to stay clear of her path as I walk down the stairs. Well this crazy lady grabs me and won't let go of me while holding a cross in front of my face and screaming only God knows what at me. Everyone as usual just stared at the situation. I kept telling her to let go of me and tried pulling away but she wouldn't let go of me and kept shoving a cross in my face and screaming. I was able to break free of her and she follows me still screaming behind me. OMG seriously! What kind of nonsense is this? I could hear her still screaming as I head towards the bus stop.

I've never experienced something like this before and I hope this is the only time someone shove a cross in my face and screams at me for no apparent reason other than I was a foreighner hence easy target for her craziness. I feel more pissed off that upset. I won't let her ruin a perfectly good day up till her. Stupid crazy adjumma!
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