Lola O.

Right now I feel an overwhelming amount of happiness in my heart. Lets start from the beginning. For the past few days I have been anxious about going to Korea, worrying about when I am going to get my notice appointment since it seems like others had already received theirs. I know I tend to be a worrier but even so God still blesses me.

Today I woke up, and I had just started eating breakfast and checking out the latest episode of Triple. Just going about my day as usual, and then as I am about to take a bite of my cereal my grandma walk in with a smile on her face, and in her hands is the FedEx package. If someone could have taken a picture of my face it would have been quite the image.

I looked at it and saw it was from Korea and I totally went crazy, laughing and smiling, and dancing around my wonderful Grandma. I was on cloud nice, and right now it has settled to a simmering feeling of being on Cloud 9.

나는 행복하다!!! So very very happy and thankful to God for his continued mercy and blessing upon my life. I am so happy I feel kind of tearful, I know a bit extreme, but if you knew me you'd understand that getting just a little bit closer to my dream/goal is something worth shedding tears for.

Thank you Lord, for loving me and watching over from me. I guess you must have heard me singing your praises as I walked home yesterday.

Let me leave you with a song I am currently in love with. It is from the Triple OST and if you have not checked out that drama then you need to start. There is something so peaceful about this song.

~Lola O.~
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