Lola O.

I am really learning that you just have to go with the flow and hope for the best. I was anxiously waiting to get my passport back from the Korean Consulate in LA and I had hoped it would come on Tuesday, so when it didn't show I was like okay they must not have mailed it yet. I paid $17.50 to overnight it so I was like it better get here on Wednesday at the latest.

Just as I decided to go about my day, the doorbell rings and my cousins are like the mailman is here for you. Previously, I had told them I was waiting for a super important package. So when it came they were as excited as me until they saw it was just my passport and said that was the super important package. If only they knew what getting my passport/visa

Everyone was smiling and happy because I was so happy about it. I think the happier I am the harder it is for my mom. Just as it is becoming more real to me that I am going to Seoul, it is becoming more real to her that I am leaving. I am going to try and tone down my excitement because I know this is hard on her but she wants me to be happy.

Now everything feels real. That little visa stamp in my passport is my passage to Korea and I am very happy and excited for it. I just bought my plan tickets for $516 one-way which is not a bad deal since a few weeks ago they were around $700:)...I hope SMOE reimburses A.S.A.P once I get there.

With about 5 weeks left before I leave on August 21, 2009 time seems to be moving really fast now whereas last week I thought it was going so slow. I guess that is because I don't have to wait anymore. Everything is flowing nicely so now all I need to do is take care of things here, pack, and board that plane to Seoul.

Even with all the excitement there is still fear. I think it is fine to be scared, probably even smart because it keeps me from flying to high on Cloud 9 and makes me think about this clearly. This is a big step for me and I know it won't be easy, it won't always be fun, and I might end up regretting it. However, it will be exciting, it will lead to new discoveries of life, this world, and myself, and I will most likely end up loving it.

No matter what it is something I want to do and something I would regret not doing so I am going to move forward with an open-mind/heart and take things as they come.

So Korea get ready because I am coming soon...

Here is a mv from my favorite/the best member of BigBang. I love this song, the dancing, and the wonderful TaeYang. Enjoy!!!

~Lola O.~
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