Lola O.

I love this song, and the mv makes me love it more. I have a love/hate relationship for Big Bang's G-Dragon. IDK why, but sometimes I like him, other times he is his blond hair (lol)!! TaeYang is my favorite Big Bang member so you should check out his new single...

Haha, got to love the K-pop!!!
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  1. OH I LOVE GDRAGONS VIDEO! I hadn't seen it before! his blonde hair definitely can be annoying! haha! sometimes i find him cute... sometimes i'm like wow... no! TaeYang is pretty awesome! it's a bit sad that i'm getting in 2pm after jaebum left... but i'm starting to listen to a lot of big bang now too... so maybe it's a good transition! haha! 2pm to Big Bang... SeungRi is super cute! hehe!

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  3. Lola O. Says:

    Joan what theme are you talking about? I'm assuming you didn't mean to comment on this particular post.