Lola O.
In Korea you celebrate your child's first 100 days, or for couples their 100 day anniversary. Well for me I am celebrating that I have 100 days left before I finally leave for South Korea. I've had a countdown going ever since I got out of the hospital, but I try not to look at it often because it makes time seem like it is going slower.

From today I have those 100 days left to enjoy my family, explore my surroundings, and discover bits and pieces of myself before I start something new. I am itching to go and finally do this, but I have learned that sometimes we have to wait before we finally get to go.

Today I will be mailing out my contract for SMOE, so I hope I will get my Notice of Appointment in December so I can get things rolling and get my visa so I can purchase my ticket. I'm sure it will feel weird doing it all over again, but I appreciate it more this time around. I don't have the same fears I had last time, but I am definitely more cautious with my enthusiasm.

Last night I was lying down thinking about how we all have to take risks in our lives to go beyond our limitations. I could stay here, and have my "safe" little life, but at the end of the day I would regret never taking the chance to see what else is out there. To see what I am capable of. To discover, create, and maybe confirm some things about myself.

I'm ready to do something on my own, without my family, and test myself. Pop the bubble, leave my comfort zone, and so on. I saw my future so clearly before, but now I just question it all, so I need time to figure it out, and I hope being in Seoul does that for me. However long that might take. I know the road to clarity won't be smooth, but it will be an experience that brings about other experiences both good and bad.

I think my biggest concern is hoping I pack enough warm clothes, to not freeze to death there. Being from Arizona, I am definitely worried about how cold it might get there. I guess it will be an experience!

Check it out: There is something very soothing about this song. The singer's voice is wonderful.

Be blessed,
~Lola O.~
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