Lola O.
If you've read even a little bit of my blog, you know that I have huge love for this Big Bang member. He's my favorite member from the first song I heard him sing solo. I'm so glad he has a new CD coming out. Here is his new mv for Wedding Dress...

What do you think? The other guy/best friend is a jerk in my biased opinion.

~Lola O.~
2 Responses
  1. william Says:

    i'm really disappointed in taeyang's new songs. i thought he would be able to prove that 'look at me only' (his first single) wasn't just a fluke.

    but no, his new songs sound exactly the same as 'look at me only.' boo!

  2. Lola O. Says:

    The song you mentioned is my favorite one by him, and now that I am listening to it, I can hear the similarities.

    Even then, I still love Wedding Dress, but I cannot wait to see what else he has once his new album comes out.