Lola O.

Don't you feel like that, when you are consistently having to wait for something? I thought the image was funny in a black humor sort of way. Hopefully, my waiting won't be the death of me (LOL). Alright, enough with the joking around. I am at the 3 month mark before I finally get to leave for Seoul!!!!

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I sent out my contract to Korea Connections last week (-$60 again), and they have received it. Unfortunately, they tell me I have to wait till January to get my Notice of Appointment so I can get started on the visa/flight stuff for the second time. I'm hoping I will get my NOA in December because this whole waiting to the last minute thing that seems to be ever so prominent in Korean culture is very frustrating and leaves a lot of room for mishaps.

I just feel like things are still up in the air until I get my NOA, visa, and book my flight. I'm going through that same nervous tension I went through the first time, but it isn't as bad. I'm sure it will be February before I know it, and then there will be no turning back this time around.

As far as my health goes, I'm doing A LOT better, but still dealing with being anemic. Which makes me feel tired super fast, but I am working on building up my iron and energy so I can feel like a 22 year old again. My doctor decided that when I am in Korea I will have to take Prilosec everyday for a year as a preventative measure. Since there is a chance I could have another ulcer in the next year. I'm taking all the steps I can to prevent this from happening again! He said if I take it everyday for a year, and nothing happens then I can stop. I don't know if they have Prilosec in Korea so I am thinking of just buying a years supply in Costco depending on how much it will cost me.

I cannot wait to finally start this chapter of my life in Seoul, and see what happens. This will be my first "real challenge" in life; away from everything I know in the hopes of discovering and experiencing so much more. Can you feel my excitement? I know it won't be all smiles and fun, but hopefully it will be more good than bad. I think all the research, blog reading, and more research has helped me feel confident about my expectations. I know that no matter how much I learn from all my readings that nothing will compare to a firsthand experience.

As far as my expectations go, I'm going to just keep an open-mind and hope for the best while considering it might not go as smoothly as I want. It is a learning experience after all so there are bound to be pitfalls and complications. Like Charles Swindoll said, " life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Everyone I talk to about going to Seoul tell me the most important thing is to keep/have an open-mind so that is what I am going to try my best to do.

While I'm here I get to have my Thanksgiving, best friend's wedding, Christmas, New Years, and a visit from my older sister all in the next three months to keep me busy. I just cannot wait for it to be February and for things to finally start falling place!!

Now, it's time for some Big Bang Love: Japanese Style:)....enjoy!!!!

This song makes me like Daesung a lot for some reason. But no one beats TaeYang in my book.

Be blessed,
Lola O.
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  1. My boyfriends sister is a pharmacist here and I can ask him to ask her if they have PRilosec. I use to take that when I was first sick. I don't need to anymore. I can imagine they have it out here though. I will need to know the official drug name though. Of course a google search will get me there.

    It may not be over the counter meaning you will need to go to a doctor here and get a prescription. you can do this privately without your school knowing.

    Definitely buy a lot of it before you come out here. Make sure to check the expiration date on the drugs too.

    Anyways glad you are excited to come out. :)

  2. Lola O. Says:

    That would be awesome Joy. The doctor calls it Prilosec/Omeprazole. Good idea on checking the expiration date.

    Yeah, I don't want my school to know anymore than they already do about my condition. I want to be able to keep it under wraps since it really isn't their business.

    Let me know what you find out...thanks as usual for your help!

  3. AH! So exciting!! i'm excited for you! no worries time will pass by so quickly!! ^^ can't wait for you to be here and experiencing it all! ^^ btw i love the video! i found it a while back and definitely makes me like daesung a bit more! haha! definitely love TaeYang!! ^^ hehe!! have a good night!!

  4. Lola O. Says:

    If I get to meet TaeYang in Seoul and give him a hug, I think I would be on Cloud 9.

    I cannot wait, and time seems to be moving faster now!!