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I know there are some foreigners who have no interest in Korean music, but I am not one of them. I started listening to Korean music my sophomore year in college once I got into Korean dramas. I love the way Korean sounds the way some people love how the French language sounds. IDK, there is just something very captivating about the language. Which is why I am trying to learn it in the hopes of being somewhat fluent in the distant future.

So, if you have not given Korean music a chance, here is an opportunity to start. I tend to stay away from the extreme K-poppers like SNSD or Super Junior and go for the more mellow, indie, or hip-hip music. So here are a ten of my favorite Korean artists and their songs. (Excludes songs from other entries)


My favorite song from my first Korean drama; Full House

One of my favorite Korean bands: Nell (Totally underrated)

How can you not love Epik High? As much as I adore Tablo, my heart belongs to Mithra!

This song captured me the first time I heard it. There is a very haunting element to it.

The minute the music starts I cannot help but smile.

This trio is all kinds of awesome mixed into wonderful songs:)

Loveholics know how to make you addicted for life

This is my favorite Fly To The Sky song

Mr. Sexy Voice

Very unique sounding

These songs don't even begin to dent my collection of Korean music, let alone Japanese and Taiwanese music.

Other Korean artists you should check out if your are curious, bored, or just have free time

-Lee Seung Gi
-Big Mama
-Drunken Tiger
-Humming Urban Stereo
-Sol Flower

There is a whole world out there filled with awesome Korean music if you are willing to give it a chance. Yeah, you might not/most likely won't understand what their saying, but the last time I checked music was a universal language!

Explore and Enjoy:)
Lola O.
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  1. Awesome collection of artists & songs. Like you, I actually LIKE Korean music and don't understand the dismissive attitude that is so often shown by other foreigners here. (For that matter, I also enjoy Taiwanese music and probably spent a little too much time in CD stores during my last two visits to the country!)

    A few artists that I didn't see on your list: W & Whale, All That, and Casker. Do you like any of them? And have you heard of Yigytugd? :)

  2. Lola O. Says:

    I think people tend to dismiss Korean music, because they mostly only hear about Idol groups. For me, you can amazing music in ANY language.

    I also like Taiwanese music. I really love Jay Chou's music. I like Japanese music too!!

    I have song songs from W & Whale and Casker, but I haven't heard of the other two. Those two are also good bands to check out.

    I will check out the other two you mentioned. I'm looking forward to experiencing the Korean music scene first hand in Korea.

  3. I'm sure with a little time and patience you'll be able to find music from the two groups you hadn't heard of before, but if I can *cough* help out with that, just let me know!

    Are there any musical genres that you don't like? I'm pretty open to everything and have been meaning to check out a rockabilly / psychobilly band called The Rock Tigers. Since I don't live in Seoul that would require making a whole night out of it though, and I haven't gotten around to making that commitment yet!

    If you're interested, I also have a music blog where I almost always have something from Korea, Japan, China and/or Taiwan. It's at:

  4. Lola O. Says:

    I found the second one you mentioned, but I could find All That, so if you have a few faves by them, point them out to me:)

    I'm pretty open to music genres, because you don't know if you love or hate or just like a song unless you listen to it. So I try to give them all a chance.

    I like acoustic, indie, folk, and electronica (Clazziquai style) based bands the most though.

    I'm checking out your site right now! I'm interested in having more of an international music perspective so thanks.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    try winterplay. they are very nice too.

    my favorite is epik high, byul, hwayobi, kwill and tmax.

    yes, a lot of people don't understand about our interest in korean music and culture but, hey, to each, his own.

  6. Lola O. Says:

    I'm going to check out Winterplay. I like all the artists you mentioned, especially Epik High:)