Lola O.
Change: Nothing will be like it was over the next year, including me.

Exploration: Of Seoul, Me, South Korea, Food...of everything

Independence: First time where I am truly on my own, figuring things out for myself, and making my own decisions, mistakes, and dealing with the consequences and rewards of both.

Challenges: Including students, culture shock, co-teachers, new culture, my own perceptions, and just having to deal with the everyday differences from the life I led before Seoul.

Discovery: Of places, people, passions, myself, and those little things and moments that can make or break you.

Friends: I think the friends I make in Seoul will be the highlight of my journey so I want to do my best to choose the people around me wisely. I want to be open-minded and get outside my comfort zone. I don't want to just hang out with other foreigners, but embrace an eclectic group of people. I want people around me who like and accept me in all my flawed beauty. Friends that are going to be the people I lean on and laugh with over the next year.

Growth: This is all about personal growth for me. Going to Seoul is my chance to do something crazy and different in my life. To find out what I am capable of. To create and shape myself into the woman I want to be. To learn more about the world, and the differences that lie in it. To challenge myself to do more, be more, and see more. To bloom, shine, and make 2010 my season of growth.

Memories: This is what is going to sustain me when I leave Seoul. Memories of laughter, loneliness, challenges, friends, growth, change, and most of all memories of me and everything I have gone through. I want to make sure I create beautiful and warm memories to enjoy. That is why I want to make the most of my time by trying new things, getting involved, traveling as much as possible, and surrounding myself with good friends.

Travel: This might be last, but this is the thing I look forward to the most. Just the fact that I am going to take on this journey and travel to Seoul. To be able to visit other places like Japan or China, and having this opportunity to become more of a global citizen.

I'm looking forward to everything that is going to happen over the next year. I feel like doing this is going to be a stepping stone towards my future.

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  1. new_in_town Says:

    I keep finding people online who are really negative about Korea and their time there. I'm sure you have seen this as well. My question is... why do these people hang around if they hate the place so much? I can't understand it. If I don't like Korea (I suspect I will like it) I won't stay in the country for years after realising this. spending my time on forums venting about how much I hate being there. It doesn't make any sense! Anyhow. Leaving in exactly 3 weeks... can't wait! How far along with the work visa process are you? Excuse my excessive posting on your blog... it's just comforting to talk to someone else who's going through the exact same stuff as me! Nice post by the way... much of it mirrors my current thoughts of the imminent future.

  2. Lola O. Says:

    I enjoy comments so feel free to post away:)

    If you go on Dave's it oozes with negativity, but I think the negativity can be useful if you take it with a grain of salt. I think most of those that stay and hate it, stay for financial reason.

    I'm so excited for you. I've got a little over a month and a half left here. I am waiting to get my NOA in the way so I can apply for the visa which will take 3-7 to get.

    After the prior fears/worries post in the Journey To Seoul series I thought some positive thinking was needed.

    Look forward to more:)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hey there Lola:-)Some really random clicking (at Dramabeans ) led me to your blog.I guess you post stuff just to express yourself but your posts are really inspiring. It requires a certain type of courage to follow your dreams and you have it in spades. Hope your trip to S.Korea is one to cherish and is one that will leave you with lots of lovely memories. All the best:-)


    PS- Just sharing one of my fav quotes with you -‘Hold onto your dreams. For if dreams die, life is a broken –winged bird that cannot fly’

  4. Cheers, Lola! Looking forward to reading about the coming days on here. Great post!