Lola O.
Hello everyone!!! I am alive here in Si-Hueng/Gumcheon-gu area. I live behind a Home Plus and my closest subway station is Gumcheon-gu office...on line 1 I think. The last few days have been beyond crazy in both good and bad ways, but since I don't have internet at my place (currently at a pc bang) and there are no unsecured networks to mooch off till I get my ARC card and can get my own I will be taking a blogging hiatus for the next 1-2 weeks depending on how long it takes after I get my ARC (3/19/10) to get internet.

Expect daily blog posts after I get internet since I have a backlog of things to tell you guys about like getting yelled at by an adjusshi for trying to take a mirror which turned out to not be part of the trash (oops) or  getting lost for two hours today while trying to get to my mentor teacher's school. has been full of crazy moments so far and I feel very overwhelmed a lot of the time, but I am taking a deep breath and finding my inner strength to keep moving forward with a smile and open-mind.

I hope your guys don't forget about my blog during this mini-hiatus:)!!! Look forward to lots of blog posts after I get my internet connection. Now if my neighbor is nice enough to give me his password and let me mooch off him for the next two weeks then you can forget this hiatus and look forward to new entries.

Be Blessed,
~Lola O.~
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  1. Jason Says:

    Hi Lola,

    Why not write up your blog posts on MS Word on your school PC or home computer, put them on a USB stick, and then copy/paste them into your blog while you're at the PC Bang?

    Just saying there's always a way around stuff....


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Funny enough I've been without my laptop (left power cord in the US) for two weeks now. I just blog at school but then again I don't have to share a computer at work (don't know if you do). Might be problem I guess if those types of activities are frowned upon at your work place.

    Anyways, hope you get your internet connection soon. ^_^

  3. Sounds like you are going through the motions of your first month here. Can't wait to hear more. Is your new place good?

  4. Lola O. Says:

    Jason, that is a good idea. I am going to try that out.

    Omi, I share a desk with my co-teacher so even though I have my own desktop we sit not even 3 feet from each other so she can see everything I do.

    Joy, My place is pretty spacious by Korean standards. Will post before and after decorations picks hopefully soon. I just wish it was in a more happening part of Seoul. Easier access to hanging out with people would be nice.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Hello! Glad to hear that you are settling into Korean life ok. I've been thinking about teaching in Korea for some time now, and will be graduating this spring. I was just wondering if you got a TESOL/TEFL certificate before you applied to SMOE?

  6. Lola O. Says:

    Yes, SMOE now requires its teachers to have a TEFL/TESOL certificate if you are not an Education major. It has to be 100 or more hours.