Lola O.
Okay, peeps I am in Nambu district. Does anyone have any info good/bad about this district? All I know is that it is a working class area so the level of English there is pretty poor. Anyone in this district?

Edit: I tried to google it, and nothing but the Nambu Bus Terminal comes up.
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  1. Ack I don't know much about it either...which subway color/line is that?

  2. Lola O. Says:

    I have no idea, i guess green and orange, but the weird thing is that I don't see Nambu on any of the maps I have seen. It's like Seoul's lost district or something.

  3. Ah ha~! You are in Gangnam my dear. Near Yangjae ...which is actually close to me...I can take a bus that goes straight there. You are probably just in a lower case neighborhood of Gangnam...kind of on the outskirts. But you are close Seocho and centers in Gangnam. Yangjae has a huge ass Costco that will be a bonus. I think for your benefit will be to find the bus routes. For now get to know your local neighborhood, where the Emart is or Lotte Mart. Make sure you know where the local hospital is too or clinic (clinics are usually less crowded and open on weekends and night time).

    The fun part of living here is getting to know your neighborhood. Finding hidden parks and restaurants that are really good.

    Since not many people have written about Nambu you can be the first! ;)

  4. Lola O. Says:

    Are you sure about me being in Gangnam? I will try looking in the Gangnam area in the map and see if I can find Nambu. I thought it was by Guro-gu???

    Hopefully if I get settled in this weekend we can hang out the following weekend. I guess I will become to Nambu expert.

  5. Lola O. Says:

    Are you talking about the Nambu Bus Terminal..from what I have been told it is not in Nambu..I know it's weird!

  6. Ah well I checked out Guro to live there and yea it is working class...but uh well anyways it will be interesting to get to know there

  7. Cass Says:

    Nambu means 'South Area', and SMOE has included 3 areas within this - Yeongdeungpo, Guro, and Geumchon. Try looking those up. :)

  8. Lola O. Says:

    Thanks Cass, will do:)!

  9. yenniechan Says:

    Dude, I was so busy reading your archived entries of everything leading up to your journey...I didn't realize you had already left! Everything you're describing sounds so a very awesome and exciting way. Many people often dream about becoming expats, but it takes a lot of courage to make it a reality. Good luck on your journey and I'll definitely be cueing in (and hoping to hear of celebrity sightings -tehehe-). Btw...this is yenchan from dramabeans. ^^

  10. Lola O. Says:

    Hi Yenchan:)! Lol...I've been here about a week. It hasn't been easy getting here, but I am glad to be here and taking this leap into the unknown. I'm crossing my fingers I at least meet Taeyang from Big Bang:)!

  11. kissmykimchi Says:

    Awesome! You're in my old hood. I used to live Kitty corner from gyodae uni and only a couple blocks from nambu.

    You're right in gangnam. You can hop the bus and be at gangnam station in like less than ten minutes. You can walk it even.

    If you're by nambu then you are close to the seoul arts center. It's a great complex to see exhibitions, opera, ballet, everything!

    You are also close to a lotte mart and an electronics store which is across from nambu near the pizza hut.

    Hope you love your area. I did!

  12. kissmykimchi Says:

    Ah you're not near nambu bus terminal? Oops.

    Still, you should have a blast discovering your new area!