Lola O.
For those who have been here, I just have a few questions I would apapreciate your help on. Thanks in advance:)!!!

1) As far as cellphones go  is it better to get one of those prepaid/pay as you go phones or should I get a plan? Why or why not? Should I got to Yongsan to get a phone?
-My friend said I could go into any of the LG Oz stores and get if someone can confirm or deny that let me know.

2) Everyone says to go to Itaweon to find clothes and shoes in my size. Are there specific stores/areas I should check out? Are there any other places in Seoul I should look into?
-I really want to get some sneakers (preferably Puma) and some warm boots!

3) I would like to get a futon or small couch in my apartment...what's the best way to look/find one? Where's the best place to get one for a decent price?
-It doesn't have to be anything special, just comfy, clean, and not too expensive.

4) What are some good sites to find material for afterschool classes with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders?
5) Someone said there is a store where you can get glasses for 20,000 won. Does anyone know the name and location of the store?

Those are all the questions I have:)...thanks for your advice!!!
Be blessed
~Lola O.~
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    1- I use a plan at 3,000KRW a month. I just get billed for what I use. My bills are usually 20,000KRW or less (I call the US twice a month). You can walk in to virtually any cell phone store and get a phone. The thing is your going to need your coordinator or someone who can speak Korean. If she unavailable then cell phone stores in Itaewon would be your best bet. Also Korean phone contracts are between 2-3 years and because your only here for a year you’ll end up paying a lot for a phone. I was lucky enough to get my phone from my coordinators sister but my friend had to pay around 200,000KRW for hers.

    2- I shop in Myeong-dong for tops at forever21 they have western sizes. Itaewon is the only place I know where US size 9 and up can get women’s shoes. If you don’t mind men’s style boots/sneakers you can get your shoes pretty much anywhere they sell footwear.

    3- There are many Korean online sites that are like eBay . I brought some Saucony sneakers from a Korean online shopping with my co-teacher help of course.

  2. Yongsan Electronics Giant Market is fun but really you can get the same deal at a little shop in your area. Just need a Korean person with you to haggle your way through it. I don't know what the pay as you go is like but I have a normal plan unlike a pay as you go and feel fine.

    2. What is your size? First find out what it is in Korean sizes. I used korea4expats website to help me. You don't need to go to Itaewon. Coex is a good place too... The shoe store ABC Mart has Puma and also the shoe store LEssMore. You can find these in COEX or any major department store mall type place. I have bought shoes in Itaewon at an Athlete's Foot ...they were sandals. The bottom line you don't have to settle for Itaewon. But if you do have big feet I hear that is the place to go.

    3. Craigslist. Facebook Marketplace. As for deliver that is going to be tricky. You can order them I guess from a store online and they will deliver it. Secondhand might be the way to go.

    4.I will have to give you my links when I am at work. That's where they are...heck I could just email you bookmarks and you could figure it out that way. ;)

    5.) Seeing eye glasses? I don't know..I don't where'em. sorrrrrrry