Lola O.
My first reaction was that it was small, but I was thinking American standards. It is actually a pretty spacious place for one person. It's my first time really living by myself, so I am trying to make it feel like home away from home. Lots of work to do to capture that feeling.



The front door area. For those back home, when you walk into your apartment you take your shoes off. Most if not all homes/apartments have wood floors. I decided to decorate the walls with pictures of my family and friends back home to make it feel like they are watching over me.

Whoever lived here before me must have loved cartoons because this is what I see everything I open my bathroom door. In the kitchen there is this huge Peter Rabbit thing stuck to the tile and I cannot get it to come off.

When I thought about what my apartment would be like, my biggest fear was that the bathroom would be horrible. I don't love my bathroom and I don't hate it because it could have been worse. It looks a lot smaller than it is from the angle of the picture. I have the Korean styled bathroom where when you take a shower the whole floor becomes wet. I put up a shower curtain to keep water from soaking everything in there. My biggest issue is that the water never really gets or stays very hot.

Yes, I have A LOT of clothes, and that wardrobe they gave me just wasn't going to cut it. I wish the bed wasn't so hard, but I am getting used to it. I want to try and find a foam mattress pad to add some cushion. I have three pictures over my bed of my family. When I go to sleep each night it feels like they are watching over me. It can get lonely when it is just me, myself, and I so it makes me feel better having all these pictures around. Since home for me is where my family and friends are.

I really love my kitchen. It's perfect for one person, and my favorite part is the little table area. That is my secondhand microwave I just got today. Instant oatmeal here I come:)!!!

So, I didn't have curtains and it was driving me nuts thinking about peeping Toms, so I decided to get creative and made a picture collage curtain. The pictures are various images I have collected over the years that make me happy when I look at them or are just unique and pretty to me. This is my favorite part of my apartment. Oh, you can see Mr. Seoul Lee on the bed (not a very original name but I like it). So a few days ago, I was eating dinner alone at Home Plus' food court. Eating amongst all those families made me feel really lonely and miss my own. I was doing some grocery shopping after, and decided to get myself a stuffed animal. I originally wanted one of those HUGE teddy bears but then I saw this one and he just seemed perfect. It's kind of childish and girlish but I like having it there. I left the one I have had since I was 2 years old back home.

Hopefully you already realized the pictures were covering the window. That is the view I see when I open it...not very beautiful:)!

THE END of the Lola Apt. Tour has arrived. Hope you enjoyed it:)!!!
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  1. Not bad at all. Trust me it could be a lot worse...I know! As for the bed...yes you can buy a cushion..I have one and it wasn't too expensive. Look in the section of Emart where they sell the big is in a plastic bag with a handle.

    As for your view be grateful you don't have a noraebang or restaurant under you. As for peeping Tom's ...I don't think people are home enough to have the hobby out here..haha

    Looks nice though... I made my space cozy with lamps and knickknacks. Oh God ! Do I have too many knickknacks...yikes

  2. Oh I want to add I love the pic with the suitcases in it. That was my life when I first got here. ORganizing and such.

    Man nothing like first time memories. A good wardrobe saver is those vacuum seal bags. :)

  3. Lola O. Says:

    I have Home Plus by me...I need to find an E-Mart cause everyone keeps saying that is where I need to go to get this mattress pad. I never really open my window except for fresh air so the view doesn't matter. Yeah. I want to do more decorating.

    Lol..all three suitcases:)!!!

  4. MC Says:

    Lola, thank you so much for posting the pictures of your apartment! You have an pretty apatment! It's really giving me a glimpse of the life of an expat! I will be going to Seoul (if God provides the money) for a mission trip in the month of july or august (I forget which month). If I do go; I would really like to meet you! Have you found an English speaking Christian church to attend in Seoul?

  5. Lola O. Says:

    Thanks MC. I haven't had time to look into churches, and there are none around where I live. For sure we will meet up:)