Lola O.
Welcome To Gumcheon-gu!!! One day I randomly did a photo tour, there is so much more to see so expect more. I think Seoul/Gumcheon-gu is a place that truly comes alive at night!

When I first got here, I was like this is it? Well, I hadn't really had a chance to walk around when I came to that incorrect realization. Almost two months later, I have to say I love where I live. It's a nice place to live during the week, and get away from during the weekend. It's quiet, and seems like a safe area. There are lots of families, food markets, cafes, a movie theater, Home Plus, and Lotte Mart. In addition and plenty of restaurants, and street food to keep me happy.

 More Photos...

PS: Can I say I love all the free furniture by the trash area, just scored me a free dresser. Might get a free tv too. Score!!!

Music Time: Really digging this song right now!!!

Be Blessed,
~Lola O.~
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