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  • My favorite grade to teach is 5th grade. They aren't too childish or too immature. I love moments when I am not teaching and I can connect with my students by learning about their lives outside of my classroom.
  • I tend to have the sweetest and funniest moments at subway stations. Like when I got stuck in the turnstile (the tragedy of big purses). Or when this kind stranger helped me carry all my groceries up those long flights of stairs. She was a sweetheart!!
  • Living alone isn't so bad when I have music as my background noise. I've taken the time to decorate my apartment Lola O. style and it has made all the difference. It feels homey and is a welcome sight at the end of my day.
  • I'm happiest here, when I am enjoying Seoul with other people. Sure there are things I will/want to experience on my own. But it is a nice feeling to explore Seoul/Korea with other people. Different eyes=different views/perspectives.
  • The best part of teaching is when my students teach me something. Or when they apply something they've learned from me.
  • I know now I will never live in a cold place after Korea. I can't get used to that feeling of being cold. It irks me.
  • I love Home Plus brand Ramyun:)!
  • Teaching well for me is like creating art, it takes practice, passion, and time.
  • Eating alone some days isn't as lonely anymore. I think of it as my time to unwind and reflect.
  • Just because we are all foreigners doesn't mean we will be best friends or even friends. I live in between two foreigners and they tend to keep to themselves. In my mind, we should at least be social once in a while.
  • Korean do not all look the same, there is so much variety in appearance in my eyes.
  • Wood floors are a pain to keep clean. Always dusty!
  • I enjoy those moments where body language, Hangul(Korean), and English become intertwined and we find meaning/understanding. I encounter moments like that a lot here. I know a little Korean, they know a little English, and we figure out how to understand each other.
  • Cash flows like water here, endlessly. I never really used cash in AZ and it is a little hard keeping track of my spending. I MUST RESIST SHOPPING:)!!!
  • I'm stronger in someways, and weaker in others.
  • I'm learning that change is a process that cannot be rushed or solved. It needs time for each step.
  • I like walking everywhere. It makes me feel refreshed.
  • I don't mind staring or curiosity, but please don't touch my hair without permission!
  • Attitude determines everything in life. Sometimes things happen (that's life) and I get caught up in the moment, good/bad and forget that life is 10% what happens to you/me and 90% how you/I react.
  • Sometimes I feel like I am the main attraction at the circus when little kids point at me and say look to whoever they are with. *Sigh* I'm learning to accept this unfortunately almost daily occurrence.
  • Learning to think less, and experience more.
  • Spitting everywhere you go is soooooooooooo NOT COOL. Honestly, I start to gag when I hear someone getting ready to spit. They make the most repulsive noise(s)!
  • I have all these things I want to do, see, and experience in Seoul/Korea in general. I am realizing that I should spend so much time trying to cross things off my list, but focus more on enjoying each thing on my list.
  • The people around you can make or break your experience. So choose people who will make it.
  • Family and friends are always going to be there, by my side, even if I am on the other side of the world. Skype is my best friend these days. It really helps bridge the distance between my loved ones and I. I'm learning that I can find a place to call/make home no matter where I am.
  • I feel like I might get cancer from second hand smoke due to the overwhelming # of (public)smokers here.
  • Nigerians and Koreans have a lot in common as far as values and culture goes.
  • I become a TINY bit of a fangirl when it comes to Lee Seung Gi, Kim Bum, and Taeyang (Big Bang)
  • I really like the feeling of knowing the people/community around where I live. Like the adjumma who makes delicious kimbap, or the clothing store lady who likes singing American songs and gives me discounts, or the kids from my school I randomly see around the neighborhood. They always have a smile and say hello to me.
  • Sometimes we have to jump first before we learn how to land.
  • I'm realizing that I still haven't found that thing I LOVE TO DO. There are many things I like to do, but I don't want to spend my life only doing things I like to do. I would love to have a career doing something I love. At the same time, I remind myself I'm only 22. I'll figure it out one day.
  • My love for Korean music, dramas, and fashion has now accepted Korean food on a trial and error basis.
  • Laughter really is the cure for every ailment!!

That's A Wrap!!!

Be Blessed,
~Lola O.~

You MUST listen to this is stuck in my head:)! Then check this one out...I don't love it but it is kind of addictive

7 Responses
  1. Erin C. Says:

    Hi, Dele! I love your blog. The layout is gorgeous, and your writing is really beautiful. Even a simple post on your random thoughts sounds deep and profound. And yes, I'll be at the dinner tomorrow. Thanks so much for the wall message. See you soon!!

  2. i loved reading this! ^^ oh and btw... great vids from rain... hehe!!

  3. Lola O. Says:

    Thanks Erin & Gabi, I'm just happy to share my thoughts with those in the cyberworld.

  4. Mel Says:

    Hi, I just jumped onto your blog from Dramabeans. So random eh?

    Just to let you know that I like this post of yours very much. And your refreshingly honest way of writing. I've always had an admiration for the Korean way of living, fueled by k-dramas no doubt and have always wondered how a foreigner living in Korea's life would be like.

    I hope to teach after my degree (am currently pursuing a degree in English) From your blog, teaching English in Korea sounds pretty much the adventure up my alley! :)

    Keep writing.And oh, if you don't mind me asking, which nationality are you actually?

  5. Lola O. Says:

    Hi Mel, I'm African-American. I think teaching in Korea is the adventure you choose to have. There is good and bad, like in any place in the world. I think traveling abroad is a good idea, since you have an interest in Korean culture like I do, why not come to Korea and see things firsthand.

  6. Michelle Says:

    you're from arizona??Me too!! (tucson) that's soo cool! i"ll actually be going to the UofA soon with my teaching degree. Guess what I'll be doing after i get it?......I'll be going to korea too! I want to move there so badly and teach!! you're so luck!! (especially at your young age) cute blog :)

  7. Lola O. Says:

    Michelle I'm from Phoenix, and went to U of A for my undergrad. You'll be in Korea before you know it.