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I have to say that so far my favorite part of Seoul has to be the Ewha area. It has a nice feel about it, and is a great place to shop for cheap clothes. I've actually been surprised that I have been able to find a lot of tops that fit me here. From the minute I exit the subway, it feels like I am back in college. There are loads of younge people out and about at the various cafes, shopping at the street market, or just walking around Ewha Women's University. It's a really nice place to spend a chill afternoon walking, shopping, and hanging out with friends.

I LOVE THE CAMPUS!!! It's has a very the past meets the future design. The campus is so lovely to walk around. Everything about it is beauitful and makes me want to go there. From what I hear, the university is very hard to get into, and is one of Seoul's top universities. My favorite part of the campus has to be the glass structure below, with those epic stairs in the back.

I've only been there on the weekends, but I think Ewha is somewhere you can go to meet up with people, or spend some time by yourself relaxing, shopping, and eating lots of street food. I would suggest going here for dinner if you are in Ewha or  its neighbor Sinchon. It was recommended by Seoul Eats, and I took some friends there and we all enjoyed the fried chicken. The staff is very nice, and the prices are good. Plus the food is DELICIOUS!!! I will definitely be going back there.

FYI: There are a few locations, but the one we went to was acroos from Sinchon subway station/Uplex Building. It was right next to Etude House and Paris Baguette.

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