Lola O.
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  • I'm sick for the third time since I've been in Seoul...I've been here less than 3 months, so I really hope this isn't an indication of the next 9 months
  • I am the leading lady and this is my story
  • I love Korean traditional music, there is something very epic and beautiful about it
  • Taking the bus isn't scary anymore
  • Pizza, friends, and venting on a Sunday night is a wonderful thing
  • Adjusshi's and Haraboji's staring at me like I have horns or something on the subway is tiresome
  • I had Soju and Sake for the first time Saturday night, it led to some interesting moments
  • Everyone in Seoul seems to be running while I am walking. I feel no rush to get somewhere. If I miss the train, there will be a new one in a few minutes...but people don't like waiting here
  • Little kids pointing and saying look at the foreigner makes me feel like a circus act
  • Home Plus=Students=Student+Parents=Lots of head bows and akwardness
  • I still cannot get over how disgusting the spitting thing is...I've seen women do it too
  • Liking guys with a girlfriend or boyfriend is setting yourself up for trouble
  • I am determined to get a (blue/red) hanbok made for me before I leave Korea. They are so beautiful!
  • When I let go of someone, I cut all forms of communication. It's the only way I can truly move on.
  • Humidity/Sweating is my enemy
  • I like how the kimbap adjumma knows what I want even before I get there...and has it ready with a smile and a hello. It makes my day.
  • I set ten alarms in order to wake up in time for school every morning...I have never been a morning person
  • Teaching is hard enough, I cannot imagine being a parent where it is a 24/7 lifetime job
  • I feel homesick whenever I talk to my family on the phone...which means every weekend. At the same time it recharges my batteries whenever I speak to them and helps me remember who I am....we all need that reminder
  • Couple t-shirts, rings, shoes..etc is only acceptable if you are under the age of 18 in my book
  • I don't feel lonely anymore living's become my peaceful home away from home.
  • There are too many girl/boy groups in me a headache...but I am starting to like 2PM a bit
  • I don't know about Seoul/Korea having four seasons. When did spring come and go?
  • Memories leave scars...its been over a month since the drunk adjusshi incident and I still check my door three times to make sure it is locked before I go to bed...I know it is locked but I still can't sleep without checking it.
  • I gave my balloon to a kid of the subway, and his smile was contagious...seriously the kids here are super cute!!!
  • Sia's "Breathe Me", and The Chemical Brother's "Dream On" have been on constant replay these days
  • My face gives me away all the time...I need to develop a poker face
  • I miss having a park around me...but Time's Square's rooftop garden is a good substitute
  • I love my co-teachers, I feel lucky to have them!!!
  • The 16 hour time difference between my loved ones and I is a pain in the butt when trying to call
  • I'm a bit of a shopaholic...what can I say it's hereditary:)!
  • It feels like I have been in Korea for a lot longer than I have
  • I really love the mango juice I buy at Home Plus
  • If you haven't seen Miso, you really should
  • Smoothie King is pretty yummy:)
  • I feel the most of out of my element when I am sitting in teacher's meetings without a clue about what's going on.
  • I will never take Arizona weather for granted again
  • I'm becoming more of a "go with the flow" kind of woman
  • I really want to learn more Korean just so I can converse with the 6th grade teachers, they all seem so interesting and love to laugh.
  • I got a package in the mail from my family, and it felt like a piece of home had come with it
  • Itaewon is not my kind of place...but the caramel icecream I ate at some random convience store while there made up for it
  • I always wear one of the rings my mom gave me because it makes me feel like my mom is with me wherever I go
  • There is this white spaceship by the Han River...okay it is really an observatory but it looks like a spaceship!
  • I cannot believe that my 6th graders are dating each other...they are so young!!!
  • Currenty Elton John's Can You Feel The Love Tonight is playing on the radio...time to take out my Ipod:)!
  • It feels like being single is a crime in Korea. The daily onslaught of couple mushiness is annoying
  • Sometimes we forget that when one chapter in our life closes, another one will open. It might take some time, but it WILL open!!!
That's A Wrap...

Be Blessed,
~Lola O.~
4 Responses
  1. seoulmusings Says:

    I've been sick every month I've been here T_T I hope it isn't the same for you!

  2. Lola O. Says:

    That sucks, I really hope it isn't the same for me. It's like every few weeks I get sick for like 2 or 3 days. I take vitamins everyday and they don't seem to be working.

  3. HennyPenny Says:

    I'm just starting to read your blog and you're bring back all the feelings that I had while in Korea. Like teacher meetings.. I would just eat and daydream. And, I developed a REALLY good poker face.. and learned to lie efficiently.. haha.
    I haven't read yet about your drunk ajossi incident, but I can only guess. I've had several!

    But, keep in mind all the good things! Keep positive! If you need any help, you can always msg me or one of the many expats in Korea :) You seem like a very happy person and so far I've enjoyed your blog :)

  4. Lola O. Says:

    HP: There are lots of good things/people that swallow up the bad days/things. Yeah, I just smile and say ahhhh:. I've had a few since then, but none as scary. I'm glad you are enjoying..happy reading.