Lola O.
I think that is the best to describe my current state. I feel weird...not really like myself. I've been sick, not sick, and then sick again for a little over a week. I feel better today, just really tired and the rain isn't helping. I haven't been sleeping well for the past three days, and my appetite is fluctuating, especially at lunch time. I just feel weird inside and out and I am not really sure what my deal is.

I've also been feeling emotionally high and low. Like today, I was trying to eat lunch and then I felt like I ws either going to throw up or cry...or both. My mind feels cluttered but I have no idea why. Life is pretty stress-free and easy here. I think part of this weird feeling/vibe I have is that I've been feeling particularly homesick too. I miss my mom at the most random moments. I miss her hugs and just the comfort of having her near. I miss my sister, and being able to call her when I feel like it and know she'll pick up. I miss my bed. I miss my friends. I miss Arizona. A lot of my friends graduated this past weekend and I missed out on being a part of that.

I just feel down for no reason in particular, physically tired, and I just want to pause for a moment and catch my breathe. I've been recharging my batteries, but I think I need to change them out for a new pair. I guess I kind of just feel worn down. I'm very raw these days. One minute I can be laughing and the next I feel like crying. No, it is not that time of the month...this is just me feeling weird.

I'm hoping to get out of Seoul this weekend and go to Busan just to have a change of pace/place and see if that helps. I'm crossing my fingers that the KTX tickets are not all sold out. If so, I will try and go somewhere else. I just need a few days away. I'd like to read a book on the beach, and just see another part of Korea.

I'm in a funky mood today!!!

Be Blessed,
~Lola O.~
3 Responses
  1. CP Says:

    I experienced the "weird" feeling a time or two while in SoKo *hug* Getting out and staying busy will definitely make you feel better.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Lola..I can empathise with you.I've been in a new place for just 3 months and I've been sick at least twice.I think when you're are sick it automatically makes you feel more homesick.I try to distract my self and make sure that I'm busy.And if I don't have the energy to go out,I make sure that I have plenty of extra sappy romantic K dramas to keep me occupied till I get allright:-)I don't know if you are a shoe person but here's what I do on days that I feel blue.I have a pair of bright red sneakers that I wear on days that are extra dull and it always makes my day and makes me feel better:-)Cheer up and chin up.The days will surely get brighter and I'm sure you'll see the sun peeking through the clouds:-)


  3. Lola O. Says:

    Ana...I wear my bright red converses on days when I need a boost or just to make me feel a little bit more powerful. I'm feeling better now, mentally and emotionally. I got sick again, but that isn't going to keep me down. Thanks for the advice and comfort.