Lola O.
Happy Friday:)!!!

I hope your week went/is going splendidly. I have no classes today which is fabulous because I have a killer headache, a bad allergy attack, and my legs hurt from standing up for 3 hours straight just to catch glimpses of Taeyang at his fan signing yesterday which took place at Yeongdongpo Times Square. Here's the story...

On Monday my co-teacher came in and said that she saw a poster at Times Square saying that Taeyang would have a fan signing on July 15th at 8:30 PM. Being the fan that I am I was stoked about finally being able to tell him how awesome I think he is, and shake his hand. I ordered his CD online on Tuesday, praying it would get to me in time to get it signed. I spent the week elated at the thought of finally meeting Taeyang, something that is on my While in Korea dream list. Okay, so on Thursday, I chose my outfit carefully, put on my Big Bang Taeyang socks (yes I have them), and I practically skip to school excited for it to end. I spend the day listening to his album online, and call Kyobo at Times Square to ask where the signing will take place. I get home around 5PM, and my CD is not there.

So I decide to test my Korean and find out where it is. I call the delivery service but we can't communicate. Then I realize that it is with another delivery, and they end up having someone who speaks English there. I tell him I need my package/CD because I am going to a fan signing and I really need to have it with me. He finds outs where it is, but sadly tells me it won't be at my place till 8PM. I was like dude is there anyway to get it earlier? As if they can change their route to get me a CD. Well, they can't. I decide not to let that deter me, and head to Times Square with a notebook. Man, I'm naive. I get there, and meet up with a friend of a friend, and we head to the location. We see a crapload of school girls and a few school boys already there. Then we see all these people in line, but there are signs with numbers on it, and we find out you have to have freaking tickets to be able to get your CD signed, and only 150 people have them. All the happiness of finally meeting Taeyang died in that moment. My co-teacher had no idea about it when I asked her today about needing tickets. I blame the Kyobo lady for not telling me I need tickets. I'm not even sure how they got those tickets, but I'm betting they are VIPS (offical fan club).

In a hilarious bit, there was this crazy school girl standing next to me, and she was pissing me off with her incessant screaming like a banshee, so I had enough and told her she better cut that crap out (all in Korean), she looked scared that I knew Korean and said yes to me in Korean. Thankfully, she really did cut her crap out and I had a pleasant time just looking at Taeyang. OMG, he is one fine short Korean man. Seriously, there is something about him that is so charismatic I feel like he or I will burst into flames from his hottness. fangirl:)! It's his smile and his confidence that I find so attractive. I'm sad I didn't get to tell him how wonderful I think he is, but I hope he noticed the afro-licious girl in the crowd waving at him in a sea of Korean school girls and a few boys.

I stayed for the whole thing, I got home after 11, and am beyond exhausted today, but was it worth it? Heck yes it was. I mean being in Korea is about moments like this. Sure I didn't get to meet Taeyang, but having him that close is still fantastic. I've been able to see Big Bang perform, and see plenty of Taeyang off my tv/laptop screen. That alone is a dream come true. I get to enjoy all my Korean loves here in Seoul and I love it. I hope though that somehow before I leave Korea whether in 1 year of 2 I finally get to meet him in person and tell him how much he rocks:)!!! I think we'd be good friends and laugh a lot...okay enough about Taeyang anf how smexy he is.

Besides that my week has been pretty low-key. No classes M-W and F. I got to see some of my 6th graders in class on Thursday, and it was bittersweet cause I'm going to miss them over the summer but am really looking forward to a break from them. I got some teacher evals which said I had high marks but it's all in Korean so I can't really understand it. As long as it says I'm doing well then that is good. If my school is happy with me, then my job will be a lot easier and pleasant. My co-teacher translated some of the comments the kids left for me, ranging from how pretty they think I am, how funny I am, how much they love having me as their teacher, how they want to get closer to me. It was so sweet I might have a cavity from it:)! I don't care as much about other teacher's evaluating me because what matters to me is whether my students like me or not. I'm happy that they do, and I want to continue being likable maybe even loveable.

I still haven't bought my HK tickets, I've been looking around at prices. I'm glad I waited because my school changed around my vacation dates ( I know WTH) and it would have been a mess if I had bought the ticket I wanted to buy. So my goals this weekend is to get my HK ticket purchased, get the 1st week of summer camp under wraps, do some exploring around Seoul, maybe watch Eclipse, hopefully upload the gazillion pictures I have (I need to edit them first), and most importantly sleep and relax. My mind is overflowing with thoughts and stress (IDK why I feel so stressed) and I can feel the tension in me. I feel like I don't know how to truly relax, because my mind is constantly running. Which is contributing to me not sleeping well this week and feeling tired when I get to school. I'm thinking about my family back home, my life here, my students/teaching, and what I want in the future. I've been thinking/writing about happiness a lot lately. Wha makes me happy? What doesn't?..e.t.c All of those things are jumbled up in my head and I'm a little okay a lot on edge.  I know just relax right, if only it was that easy or possible. At the same time I feel like I am being lazy about getting things done, and that makes me get mad at myself which doesn't help make anything better. I guess I'll figure the answer out once I ask myself the right question...I feel like my mojo has disappeared and I feel very uninspired. When I first got here I made sure to make every moment count, but these days I am too busy with other things. I need to remember to take time out to explore and get out of my orbit and see what else lies out there.

-My favorite song off of Taeyang's Solar album is "Superstar"
-I finally gave in and bought a fridge with a freezer, yay for ice cream and frozen food yumminess
-I'm currently listening to Coldplay's "Yellow"
-I'm actually a really shy person(at least when it counts the most)...for reals yo:) really I am!
- I read this article today and loved this part "In the end people only see what the want to see. The second I realized that, it didn't bother me anymore. Everyone has that part of them that wants to be acknowledged by a person. It's enough to go forward with that one thing." -Kim Jae Wook
- 20-something letters (Must Read)
-On a really random note I need to buy a new external and I refuse to buy another Western Digital. So what brands would your recommend? Maxtor and Seagate seem to be good, but who knows
-If you've been to HK recommend me some sights to see off the beaten tourist path:)

- Fan mv of "I Need A Girl" V.3

Enjoy the rest of your Friday and have a wonderful weekend. I'm hoping for some rain, so I can wear my cool rainboots and cleanse my mind a bit.

Be blessed.
~Lola O.~
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  1. usually when you buy a cd, you sign up for the fansign...then you find out a few days later if you get picked or not. At least thats how Suju does their fansigns =) So pretty much you have to get the cd again each time they announce that they have a fansign even tho theres no guarantee of you getting picked.

  2. Any pictures from the signing?!?!!?!!!

  3. Lola O. Says:

    Yes, plenty I just need to upload them, when I have some time.