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Written 10/9/10

I'm sitting at DeChocolate by Ewha Uni, and observing the people below as they come and go. I really should have brought my camera. There were only three people in here when I first arrived, myself included and now their is 5 of us (later I discovered that there was another floor). I love cafes, especially ones with great views of lives. I love cafes even more when they are so close to being empty, where you feel like it belongs to you. This space is yours to enjoy, and the silence too.

The view in front of me is lovely. The sky, the clouds, and the gorgeous Ewha is a feast for my eyes. They're playing Rachel Yamagata's "Be Be Your Love" pulling me out of my solitude and peace, and reminding me where I am, Seoul "The Land Of Coupledom." Even so I like the song.

I woke up this morning with the remants of a dream hazing my mind. I decided to get out of my apartment since the weather was so fantastic, and maybe do some winter shopping. I like coming to Ewha when I want to walk around. I like the people, the food, and the shops. Tomorrow I want to go somewhere I've never been.


I ended up getting sicker Saturday night after meeting my friends for dinner and dessert. I don't know if there was something in the air but my allergies/cold went crazy and I ended up with a bit of a fever. I never got to go somewhere I've never been. I spent the day catching up with my family, and solving dilemas. Actually I did go to My Chelsea for dinner with Sarah and her friend who just moved here Sandy. So I guess I did follow through. Next time I'd like to do it in a bigger way. I want to check out Hapjeong and Sillim since I see lots of people getting off at these stops. I want to travel the subway lines checking out new stops along the way.

I'm waiting for my afterschool kids who are already 5 minutes late and who knows if they will show up. They really seem to be neglecting this class, but who can blame them when they already have so much on their plate. I'm having dinner with all the English teacher, which is four of us including me. I think they decided on Outback Steakhouse thinking of me, super sweet.

My day started off shaky due to my late night laziness, but I've recovered and for the most part my students were better behaved than last week. Now they are 8 minutes late...will they come or won't they?

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