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I love those sunny days, when everything has this beautiful tint to it. When it passes through your windows and makes you smile. I love sunny days, and  even more I love sunny Fridays:). Haha, I'm feeling really light and happy today. A lot better than I was yesterday mostly due to 1) a card from my bestie 2) laughing with my sister 3) watching Smallville (I've been watching it since I was twelve) 4) Pumpkin soup, and 5) a really peaceful sleep.

I'm looking forward to the weekend, and then a four day week at school next week. We have the 12th off at my school. This month is really busy for me with school, but these little breaks are helping a lot. I'm going to the Seoul Lantern Festival tonight. I'm really excited for it, I've seen pictures of previous years and it looks cool. Besides that, I need to practice Korean, clean, figure out TG, and upload pictures. We shall see what actually gets done. It's going to be a chill at home kind of weekend. Watching movies, catching up on sleep and my tv shows, and talking to my lovely people back home. Sometimes I wish I could bottle up this light and happy feeling that flows through me once in a while. I'd swallow a bit of it on the crappy days.

Right now my school and I are trying to figure out (agree) on winter camp dates. I've already turned in my "suggestion" for winter camp's schedule and hopefully the VP approves it so I can by my plane ticket home asap. I'm hoping I'll know by next week. A lot of my 5th grade students are sporting rings these days. Friendship rings, couple rings, whatever rings. So many kids are dating each other, it's weird but cute. I think they are a little young for couple rings, but they love wearing them. That is the easiest way for me to tell that they are an item. One of my favorite students who I affectionately call Toto the little cow (his name choice) has moved away. A lot of my good students are moving, and it makes me really sad. I'm going to miss our banter.

Nothing else really going on this week, just life. Happy weekend everyone, and remember to SMILE ^___^

Be blessed,
~Lola O.~
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  1. Nicole Says:

    aaww... just reblogged that picture on my tumblr :D
    I think that couple ring is cute idea ^^ so even if you're not engaged or whatever, people will know if your hubby has a girlfriend or not..
    but how old are your kids? :D

  2. awe so cute..already have rings...