Lola O.
I hope your Monday has been splendid! I'm done teaching for the the day. My 6th graders were a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows today. By lunchtime I had a headache due to 6-2's loudness. Overall it's been an okay Monday. I just feel tired and cold.

On Friday I took a half day to do my renewal medical check. My friend gave me the wrong directions so I got lost for a bit, and eventually messaged him about it and he gave me the right directions. I got to the St. Mary's Hospital in Daerim and after a few hiccups I got the check up done. Basically the nurse for some reason wanted to speak to SMOE about why I needed to do this. I couldn't get a hold of my co so I called the 1333 number and had someone translate for me till the nurse understood what was going on.

Another nurse, named Jenny was kind enough to help me through the three checks. She studied English in Australia, and is planning to go to California to study skin care next year. It was nice talking to her while I did the checkups. It took more time to get there and get things sorted out that it did to do the checkup. I have to wait one week to pick up a copy of my results. Next, is the visa extension but I have to wait till the end of the month to do it since I'm not at the 2 months in advance mark. After I went shopping at Times Square, and then met up with friends to go to a boardgame cafe. Haha, we ended up spending most of our time at a friend's apt in Cheongdam; talking, listening to Christmas music, and my friend made me a delicious kiwi soju cocktail.

It was my first time at a board game cafe, and we played Clue. We had eight people so we played in teams of two. My partner and I ended up winning even though it was our first time playing Clue. They had a lot of games but we didn't know how to play most of them  so we left and ended up at Ho Bar and stayed there till after 3AM. At one point we ended up at some Hot Dog stand. Solbin's Hot Dog's? He was teasing me about being his type, and I said he wasn't mine, and then he was asking which of his friends was mine. I was like none of them. Then he asked if one of my friends was my boyfriend. Then he started hitting on another friend. It was an interesting experience. After this drunk Korean girl came up to us asking about where we are from, why we are here, what time is it, and do we speak English? She would ask us if we spoke English as we spoke to her in English. Very weird chick. I got home around 4:30 AM, passed out, and woke up around 11 AM to go shopping. Haha, nothing gets in the way of shopping.

I seriously love the Express Bus Terminal shopping. Lots of good deals. I finished shopping, went all the way home, and then decided I should have gotten both jackets so I went all the way back to get the other color of the jacket I bought. It fits so well and is very warm. Plus it was 50% off. I decided to have dinner at Shinsegae, and a Fragola (strawberry gelato) for dessert. OMG, that gelato was so scrumptious!!! I ended up getting home at 7 PM. I lounged around for a bit, before heading out to Hongdae to meet up with friends for a friend of friend's birthday celebration. On my way there these two adjummas got into an arguement right in front of me as we waited for the train.

Basically one adjumma said to the other not to lean against the doors. I think she was just being concerned, but the other adjumma was like "It's fine, leave me alone" with a really bad attitude. The adjumma got angry at the other adjumma's rudeness and they started yelling at each other and saying all kinds of crap. It was funny, awkward, and kind of sad because the first adjumma never meant to offend the other adjumma. After some kebabs and drinks we ended up in Gorrilaz and ran into some friends there. The funny part was my friend's friend came up to me and told me she reads my blog, then she asked me if she should pick me up on her choo choo train and go to the bar. It was so hilarious because I wasn't sure if she was drunk or just being funny. I'm pretty sure she was drunk after she started doing the choo choo train with her hand going up and down as she headed to the bar. Good times.

I got home around 4 AM and slept till 1PM. I spent the day watching HPATDH:), cooking, and just relaxing. I usually don't stay out too late both nights on weekends but this weekend ended up like that. Which is why I'm so tired today. I am someone who loves to sleep. I'd like to spend days sleeping and doing nothing else if I could.

Right now I'm trying to book my flight home but tickets are soooooo expensive. So I'm waiting it out and checking each day hoping it will go down. Besides that I'm just getting into the Christmas spirit. I ordered a Christmas tree from GMARKET. It comes with decorations and only cost 15,000 won so we'll see how it looks once it gets to my place. I also got a mini-oven to do some baking. I love baking, and plan on making some cupcakes this coming weekend, or confetti cake if I can find the ingredients for it.

For some reason I haven't felt like writing these days. I'm not sure what it up with that, but yeah I just don't feel like it. Maybe it's because I have a lot on my mind and I'm not ready to seal my thoughts by writing them out. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it's just me being my weird self:). Haha who knows. I've been listening to Coldplay all day. Below is one of my favorite songs by them.

I hope you all have a fantastic week!!!
Be blessed,
~Lola O.~
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