Lola O.
I sat at my desk and suddenly I could feel the atmosphere change within  the classroom and my students. They starts whispering excitedly to each other. It had started to snow outside again. Distracted by the snow they looked towards the wall of windows smiling as the snow flurried around outside. Dancing and twirling as it made its way to the ground.

It's one of those sweet moments to observe. How such a simple and natural thing could bring so much joy to them, to me, to all of us. We stopped class and we all made our way to the windows. Staring out at the snow. Opening the windows and trying to capture snowflakes in our palms. The children asking me over and over "Teacher, isn't it beautiful?" Me smiling, and admitting that even with my dislike of snow I can't help but bask in the beauty of it with them. So we spent the last few minutes of class staring at the snow together. As I glanced at the classroom doors I saw other teachers and students were also reveling in the snow. I smiled as I watched everyone laughing and grinning over the falling snowflakes. Feeling happy that I was here to enjoy it with them.

It truly was a sweet moment to behold.

Be blessed,
~Lola O.~
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