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So I planned to leave my place at 4:30 PM, but ended up leaving around 4:50. It takes over an hour to get to Olympic Park where the concert would start at 7PM. Everything was going fine, I was at my second transfer and that is when things got a little hectic. It was already about 6:10, and the stupid line 5 makes a fork at one of the stops. No one tells you that you have to get off, and then get on again because this subway will go one of two ways. I used Seoul metro to figure out how to get to Olympic Park and it never mentioned this mini-transfer.

So I ended up having to backtrack a few stops, then wait for the next train going to way I need to go, which meant another 10 minutes of waiting. I realized I should use the restroom before the concert, but the line at Olympic Park station was sooooo long. Seriously, you never see men waiting to go. Why are we like this women? I head to the stadium and decide to try Tou Les Jours, where thankfully the line was not too long. One lady decided to just use the men's bathroom. How I wished to do that.

I got to the entrance but then was told VIP tickets have to get some arm bracelet. The staffer was nice enough to walk me over to the booth and get it done for me. Then I got to skip the line and go to my section. It was already filled with people but I got a good standing spot in the corner. I was surprised by the number of foreigners and gypos in my section. A nice surprise. The concert started about 20 minutes late, but it definitely was worth every won. I couldn't take any videos or photos because security was on everyone about it. So I just enjoyed every minute of it.

My Random Thoughts On The Concert
-PSY is the man. Seriously he really knew how to get the crowd energy up. I loved his performances. He was so lively and everyone enjoyed it. He stole the show!!!

-G-dragon's semi afro puff thing cracked me up, but I kinda like it.

- Out of all the performances Gummy blew me away as usual because her voice/talent is just phenomenal. I love her!!!

-So I got pissed because Taeyang didn't perform any of his songs. No solo. WTF man.

-Then I got pissed because he was the only one who didn't come to our side so I never got a really close view of him.

-Gummy gave away an Ipad. I unfortunately was not the lucky winner.

-Minzy is so awesome. I loved her solo. She is talented, sexy, and full of charisma.

- TOP owned it. Even with his hair, the boy is so damn sexy. He was like 3 feet in front of me dancing around and my mind went blank.

-YG Family is full of talented artists. I like everyone from YG because they set themselves apart from the other entertainment groups. I might be biased but they really do find talented artists and talented people to help get them where they are.

-I'm so excited for all the comebacks, performances, and BIG SHOW 2011 to come.

-Se7en came to my section a few times and he kept doing this funny dance. IDK but it seemed to be an inside joke between him and PSY.

-At one point PSY took a water bottle and started spraying the crowd with water from his mouth.

-I saw Se7en, Gummy, Park Bom, Seungri, G-dragon, PSY, Daesung, T.O.P, Cl..pretty much everyone except for Taeyang up close. Haha everyone is so much shorter.

-Park Bom looked amazing in all her outfits, but jeez her dresses are really really short.

-Seungri has totally won me over. He's pretty adorable, and is a great MC. His skit was so funny.

-Se7en had this sparkly suit going on, and at one point he put on these jeweled roller sneakers and roller sneaker-ed(?)  around the stage. It was hilarious and cute.

- I loved how much fun they seemed to have with their performances.

-Oh. GD and TOP had on these huge fur jackets trying to be all gangster with the gold chains and old. All I could think of was Biggie Smalls when I saw that.

- I loved how they mixed up the performances. CL with GD. Gummy did her version of It hurts with 2NE1. Park Bom & Gummy did You & I together. I'd love for them to do a duet together. Gummy & Se7en performed together. Se7en & Big Bang..and so on.

-That was probably my favorite part besides the encore performances.

-I pretty much knew all the songs they sang, it surprised me how much of the lyrics I knew. People kept staring at me as I sang a long and danced with them.

-Lots of fireworks, confetti, and flames (so hot in there because of them). I could feel the heat because we were that close to the stage.

-My whole body hurt after, from looking back and forth from the stage to the screen. Standing and dancing for over three hours. Good times:)

-The stage setup was pretty good. They made it so they could travel around and I'm sure many people got to see them up close. No closeup of Taeyang for me.

-GD and TOP together is a great duo. I'm looking forward to their album.

-The energy in the crowd and the performances made it so much fun to be there. I'd definitely try and get VIP for Big Show. Crossing my fingers for that ticket!!!

-Can't really think of anything else. It was a fun time. I'm happy I got to experience that.
Looking forward to going to more concerts in the future.

- Loved every moment of it, so happy I went.

-YG Family=Daebak!!!

The concert was a little over three hours, but VIP sections had to wait to be let out. So I didn't get to the subway station till around 11:20 PM. I could only make it as far as Samseong before the train stopped and I had to find a taxi home along with all the other people. It took about an hour to get home so I got home around 1AM. All that time spent traveling but it was worth it.
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