Lola O.
Hello lovely readers. Sorry for being so M.I.A with this blog. As the title says I've been trying to figure stuff out about my life and things of that sort. I guess I've just been getting lost and found in the maze of thoughts take make up my mind. I'm still figuring things out but I wanted to update you all.

I'm pretty much over the homesickness that plagued me the first few months and now I've starting worrying about the future. I know what I want to do once I leave Seoul but the how isn't as clear. There are so many roads I can go on and all those choices make it hard to just choose one path to travel down. I'm not sure if I want to go back to AZ. That is probably the biggest future question I'm dealing with. I don't want to go back in any part of my life I just want to go forward.

This year has been a bit more emotional for me in my life and in school. Lots of change this year. As far as school goes I love my 5th graders and am having a hard time liking my 6th graders. They are just so freaking rude this year and it really irks me. My co said she is numbing herself to all their shenanigans but I can't do that. It bugs me that I care so much about it, but as long as I am their teacher I'm going to do my best to teach them manners and respect in my classroom and outside of it. I'm really disappointed in them but I know they are at that age of testing boundaries and finding themselves. Even so I do not tolerate disrespect or rudeness in my class no matter where it is coming from. I keep telling them they are missing out on having more fun in class because they keep wasting time talking. *Sigh*

Some things I've done so far this year. I went to my first Korean wedding. They really are a bit cold and overly structured. After we left the wedding we went to Hangang Park, Jacoby's Burger, and Itaewon. Lots of laughter and much needed conversations. I went to the zoo at Seoul Grand Park. Zoos always make me happy and sad. I wish all the animals were free. I went on a road trip with some friends to Damyang to see the bamboo forest and Boseong to see the green tea fields. We ended up hanging out with Brian from Kiss My Kimchi. He's a friend of a friend. Hmm...what else? I've been doing a lot of writing and drawing lately. I'm trying to learn the guitar left handed on my own. So we shall see how that turns out. Besides those things it's just the same old same old. Me figuring stuff out:)

My brother and sister will be coming in about 2 months and I am really looking forward to having them here. We've never had a family vacation and this will be the closest thing. I want them to have an amazing time here so if you are in Korea/Seoul and have any suggestions of places to go or things to see feel free to let me know:)! Some friends and I are planning to go to Cebu City and surrounding Islands for Chuseok so if you've been there send me some suggestions too.

I've been out of the Seoul loop of blogs too. I need to get back into my love of all things Korean and get back on my feet. I hope life has been treating all of you well and if you are also figuring stuff out I hope you find your answers soon!

Be blessed and not stressed,
~Lola O.~
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  1. Hmmm You know I wouldn't put in much towards those 6th graders. They are just going to get worse sense the end of their Elementary days are nearing. Instead I would focus on what makes you happy. Teach without enthusiasm ...I'm actually saying this haha

    Really though if the Co-teacher isn't much help than what can you do? It is a sad state of English programs at Elementary schools, and this isn't your fault. Don't blame yourself but the system. Even if you put together the snazziest lesson plan and performed with pizzazz these kids are in no position to blink twice and act like they care. Their position is to study for middle school, get in to a good one and please mom and pop.

    Also don't worry about the future and stear your life where you feel the most passion. There will be ups and downs no matter which way you turn.