Lola O.

I woke up this morning around seven and my stomach was in knots. Today, 8/20/2009 is my last day in Phoenix before I get on those two planes tomorrow to start something new and wonderful in Seoul. For some reason I just feel like giggling and dancing around the house at the thought of what is to come.
I don't think there is one word or emotion that could encompass all that I am feeling right now. It still hasn't really sunk in that this is real. I am really going to do this.

I remember the first time I was talking about going to South Korea with my friend Flo and two years later I am doing it. It seems so unreal but at the same time so real.
I am going to enjoy today with my wonderful family and tomorrow I am going to start forging my own path in this world and see where it takes me.

I think the hardest thing for me is going to be the separation from my family and friends. I won't have them around to make everything better. I think though, I need that independence. So that day by day I get to learn more and more about me, myself, and I.
In South Korea, I will just be me, and that will be a first. I'm ready for the challenge. I know it will not be easy and that I am in for some shockers. but I look forward to what God sees in my future.

I look forward to making new friends, learning more Hangul, teaching my students, having my own place to live, and just being more of an adult.
Thanks to all of you that have been supporting me and will continue to support me. You are blessings in my life. Keep me and my travels in your prayers and enjoy the ride with me!

~Lola O.~
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