Lola O.
Honestly, you never really know what life is going to throw at you. Life is messy, unpredictable, and like my mom says, "like a roller coaster life has its ups and downs." We can only wish for more ups than downs, and we must try to enjoy the ride.

I leave for Korea in 2 days, but there is so much craziness going on right now that I just feel guilty for leaving. Yesterday, my mom got into a car accident. She went to pick up her car from getting fixed and on her way home she got into a car accident. Thank God, the damage is minimal and more importantly she is safe and well, but things like this just freak me out.

Of all times, this happens now. This happens to my mom before I am going to go away for a year. It makes me worried and apprehensive of what is going to happen when I am not around. I cannot control anything, and we cannot predict these kinds of things. But that doesn't change it from making us edgy. I'm just thankful it wasn't worse and that my mom is well in body even though her mind is stressed.

So like always I am going to leave it in prayer and ask that God continues to watch over all of us no matter where we are. In moments like this I think about Jeremiah 29:11 and it reminds me to trust in God, and stay strong in these kinds of moments. I am just feeling down right now. Instead of enjoying the last few days together, this kind of stuff happens and overshadows everything else.

I am jut glad she will be able to use my car till hers gets fixed. I am thankful that it wasn't worse,and I just pray that God protects her for me always and forever. Sorry for the somber mood. I just needed to let my thoughts escape my mind for a moment. I am leaving in two days, but with a heavier heart. My mom is my best friend/ being away from her when she needs me isn't an easy thing to do.

Be blessed,
~Lola O.~
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