Lola O.
I remember  four months ago how miserable I felt having to wait six more months before I could finally leave for Seoul. In the past four months there have been a lot of obstacles thrown my way, but I have made it this far and I know I will make it through the next two months and finally get on that plane and leave for Seoul.

Now, I am feeling more antsy about getting everything together as far as my NOA and visa stuff goes. My recruiter said SMOE won't be sending out the package with all the necessary information till the end of January. I just don't understand why they like to cut things close, but I am just going to be patient and hope it gets here earlier than that. I would like to book my ticket by the beginning of February, and have everything ready to go.

I just keep smiling when I think about going to Seoul. It feels good to finally be starting something just for me, and doing it all on my own for the most part. I'm not really sure what the future holds but I am looking forward to finding and creating it bit by bit, day by day.

Time seems to be winding down these days, but I am not planning on taking it for granted. I want to keep practicing Korean everyday, and learning useful phrases/vocab so I am not as flabbergasted when I get there. I feel a lot more prepared to do this, and don't have the same anxieties or fears I had in August.

This extra time has really made me appreciate everything I have, and realize that we get one chance at life so we should make the most of it. I don't want to spend my life dreaming of doing things without ever trying to make them a reality. Being sick has a way of opening your eyes and mind to how fragile life is. Which is why I want to take advantage of every opportunity and make my life the way I have imagined it to be.

That journey starts with Seoul, and who knows where life will take me after that chapter ends. I for one am excited to finally begin!

I wish all of you a happy and blessed New Year. May 2009 come to a great ending and lets make 2010 a year of opportunities, great health, new beginnings, laughter, and lots of happiness!!!

Be blessed,
~Lola O~

P.S...You need to watch this drama is you are not already tuned in. Apduy made a great fan mv to my favorite OST track:)
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  1. Lloyd Says:

    It is a hell of a long process but should be worth it in the end! All the documentation is enough to drive you insane. Finally got my work visa yesterday... can't wait to just get there now! Just stumbled onto your blog and it seems as tho we are both in the same boat and feeling the same way. It's gonna be quite an experience... leaving in exactly a month myself. Will be based in Incheon but can see myself spending most of my weekends in Seoul. Time just needs to speed up already. I'm Lloyd by the way. Best of luck to you!

  2. Lola O. Says:

    Nice to meet you Lloyd:)

    It is a really long and stressful process but it will all be worth it once we both land in South Korea.

    I'm a little bit jealous that you have only a month left for are you feeling about it (nervous, excited, both?).

    Best of luck to you in Incheon!!!

  3. Lloyd Says:

    I will probably be more nervous nearer the time but right now i am just plain excited. Never done anything like this before but know i would regret not doing it. Can't wait for the freedom... I'm sure you feel the same way. Making my own decisions, not being constantly monitored and surrounded by family. Seoul looks amazing... I'm jealous that you will actually be living there! I'm gonna start a blog to document my time there too... just need to come up with a witty title first.

  4. Lola O. Says:

    I think even if you end up feeling nervous, which is a pretty natural feeling when your about to start something new and different, that excitement will overshadow it.

    I'm like that to, I know I would regret it if I didn't at least give it a try and see what happens. This will be the first time I actually am doing something all on my own, without my overprotective family around. So I understand when you are talking about the freedom you will have. It is a liberating kind of experience.

    I've always known I only wanted to teach/live in Seoul, but I want to travel to as many of other other cities as I can when I am there.

  5. Lloyd Says:

    Ditto. Definitely want to check out places like Busan and Daejeon among others. Jeju island is nice too apparently. And then of course Japan and China are a short swim away. North Korea is just a drunken misunderstanding away. Just started a blog myself today: And I booked my flight as well. Productive times :)

  6. Lola O. Says:

    I know, I am following your blog.

    Jeju is a must for me. It looks so beautiful so I definitely want to go there for vacation. I'm not going to limit myself, if I get the opportunity to go to a new place then I will go:)

  7. new_in_town Says:

    Yo, my blog address has changed slightly to: So follow that one rather! You're another day closer...