Lola O.
I am dead tired right now after five hours of trying to make three 100lb luggages into three 70lb luggages. It all started when I the thought flew into my head to make sure I am following US Airways baggage policy (max>100lbs) and not Korean Air's baggage policy (max>70lbs). I called both airlines and was told that I had to follow Korean Air's baggage policy. I think deep down I knew this was going to be the case but I still had hope.

Trying to downgrade my luggages by a total of 90lbs became my mission of the day, and I promised myself I would not stop until I completed and more importantly succeeded in bringing each luggage down to 70lbs. I came close; 1) 70.6, 2) 72, and 3) 73. I am going to try tomorrow to get it down to 70lbs just in case my check in person has a heart made of ice and a brain full of steel.

I know this is my fault for being an over-packer, but man it is not easy to prepare yourself to leave the country for one year and not try to bring as much stuff as you can. I feel mentally and physically drained after weighing and re-weighing my luggage over and over to try and get it down to 70lbs and still I didn't succeed in the end.

So, what did I take out? I took out all of my bath, body, and hair products which yes pretty much made up that extra 90lbs. Haha...I must seem crazy right now for having that much stuff. But in my defense, I probably wouldn't find most of that stuff in Korea. So I am just going to have my mom mail the stuff to me and cross my fingers it arrives safe and sound at my doorway. Oh, for those in Korea is it better to have things mailed to you at your school or apartment?

With only two weeks to go this is an unexpected and unwanted change but at least my luggages are lighter, and I will pay a lot less at the airport in excess luggage fees. I have to say I am proud of myself for being able to let go of and try and be less materialistic. I think the saddest thing I am not bringing is my Juicy Couture bag my sister bought for me...unless I can find/make space in my carry-on for it. I really need to stop shopping, my goal is to keep shopping to a hardcore minimum when I am in Seoul and spend my money on trips, delicious foods, and more importantly savings.

So I've got my luggages 97% ready to go, bought my plane ticket, got my visa, and the only thing left to do is get my hair braided since my afro will be hard to take care off in the beginning when I have no idea where to get African-American hair products in Seoul.

Tomorrow I have a 4 hour X-Ray thing which I am dreading because 4 hours is a REALLY long time to be poked and prodded.  It is called a Small Bowel X-ray and this will be the last test I have to do before I leave. So please pray the doctors find nothing that will effect my health there. Besides that I'm planning on just resting, relaxing, and hanging out with family and friends.

Yay, for only 2 more weeks left till I reach Seoul. I am amazed that I survived the past six months with my sanity intact:)!

Be blessed,
~Lola O.~
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I had things mailed to my apt with no problem. I would suggest mailing it to your school because its the first time and you don't know your neighborhood yet.

    There are surprisingly a lot of African hair shops in Seoul compared to what most think. The bulk of them are in Itaewon (line 6) with some in Bosan (blue line 1 towards Soyosan). You can find African hair products in most of the African hair shops in Itaewon,they can be pricey though.

    If you are not 5'4" around 120lbs with a shoe size under US 8. It may be difficult shopping outside of foreign brands like Forever21 in Seoul. I should know. lol

    Good luck with packing and your doctor visit. Hwaiting!!! Fight-O!!(Japanese version) lol ^_^

  2. Lola O. Says:

    Yeah, I think I will have it mailed to my I need to let my school know I am expecting packages?

    I have been hearing that Itaewon is the place to get African-American products so I will have to check it out. I'm sure they will charge more than US prices, but hopefully not too much more. My mom is mailing me quite a few products I use, so hopefully that will last me the whole year, and I won't have to worry that much about finding the same products in Seoul.

    I am 5'4, but not the other ones so that is why I brought plenty of clothes for the year to fit my body type. Hence the three luggages.

    Thanks Omi O:)

  3. tailorstitch Says:

    found you through JB's open thread, i would love to do what you're doing now and i've thought about it so much, But i always wondered what would happen to my hair lol, thought now i've learnt to do it myself.

    When i went to study in America for a year I packed so much but had to buy another suitcase when coming back because i bought so much out there lol. Thinking back there was so much i didn't actually wear so im more of a harsh packer (though i still manage to over pack somehow)

    I'll be sure to visit your blog again :)

  4. Lola O. Says:

    Yeah, I know how to so my own hair, and since mine is natural it is a lot easier to take care off than relaxed hair.

    I've never been abroad for this long, so I am probably over packed, but I feel more comfortable this way.