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Today started off well, but it is slowly getting a little bumpy. Right now there is a teacher I have never met before, requesting that I personally tutor her middle school son because he is going abroad next year. I'm actually a little pissed off because she is still asking, and not taking my clear no as an answer. Sorry to be mean but 1) I can and will get fired if caught 2) I don't freaking want to go out of my way to tutor your son!!!

I don't know her, and even if I did I'd still say no. This is the second time I've been requested by a teacher to privately tutor her son. I get the motherly love, but still either send them to a hagwon, or tell them to pay attention in school. I just feel really uncomfortable right now because she keeps smiling at me with pleading eyes even though my answer will not change to yes. I feel upset too because she is putting my co-teacher in an uncomfortable position as the middle woman.

I had to go to another seafood filled outing, this time with only the 6th grade teachers, my feet were numb from sitting on the floor. I don't mind sitting on the floor, but today I wore a dress, so it was all kinds of uncomfortable. Then I find out, that we have a teacher's dinner afterschool today, and I am dreading it. My stomach is doing flip flops. Honestly, I really just wanted to celebrate my 1st day by going to Times Square, doing a little shopping, eating some Italian food, and relaxing for the rest of the day.

Today is going to be a long day!!!
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  1. You can tutor just don't get paid. Keep being strong and she'll give up.