Lola O.
My morning started great. Left my apartment at 8:10 AM to find that the wind was blowing all around me. A nice way to start my morning. Wind=less/no sweating. I got to my school area around 8:20 AM and I decided to stop by Tous Les Jours for a blueberry bagel (yummy) for breakfast. I picked out my bagel, some strawberry bread thing, and a milk. I had noticed this woman with quite a few sandwiches. We get up to the counter and the cashier is ringing her order up. After the cashier already rang it up and the lady paid, she started saying something about a 25% discount. She should have asked about it before it happened, she made the cashier ring the order over, and in the end the discount card didn't work, and then she started moaning about it. I was really annoyed because this lady made me wait 10 minutes before I could be rung up. Which made me get to school ten minutes later ie 8:40. I'm supposed to be at school at 8:40 but I always try to get there by 8:30, and no later than 8:35 because on time is late at my school. Seriously, I'm  the only person walking up the hill, and the principal is out there, and I feel like I'm going to be reprimanded. So to save myself from the feeling I try to get there early, but because of this adjumma and her non-existant 25% discount my morning took a bad turn.

As I walked up the hill to my school, I thought to myself today is a day I really could use a ride to school. There is this one teacher who gives rides to other teachers when she sees them walking, but she never gives me one. Well today, that teacher passed right by me and kept going as I walked up the hill. I'd usually ignore it, but today it kind of pissed me off. I mean it's not like I'm going to eat up her gas if she stops and lets me hitch a ride with her the 2 minutes it would take driving vs the 7 minutes it would take walking. Whatever!!!

I finally get to school, and one of the crosswalk guys starts saying something to me in Korean, but I didn't really understand what he was saying. I think it was along the lines of taking a different way to school, but who really knows. I go up to my classroom to find a box by my desk area. My co-teacher told me it was from the teacher who retired last week. It totally cheered me up, because inside was a lavender soap, and some all natural chapstick. More importantly, I've never said two words to this teacher before her retirement party and it made me feel all warm inside to be given a gift like all the other teachers. I also got a new name tag that has my name engraved in it, instead of just some typed piece of paper shoved into a name tag holder. My day is looking up. I love not having a class first period. It gives me time to get back into the groove of things and plan my week out.

This weekend I was a lazy bum when I wasn't doing my mom's Statistics homework and her take home test part. Seriously, my MOM's homework. I hate statistics, but I tried my best to help her out so hopefully she gets a good grade on it. I went out with my Korean tutor/friend on Saturday to the Express Bus terminal for what else but shopping. I still think Yeongdongpo/Times Square is better. After, we went to Banpo Park so we could see the Han River light show. It was a really nice day/night. I love being around water, listening to it ripple is very soothing and peaceful. It wasn't too coupledom until the light show started and cheesy love songs started to play. All the couples started moving closer to the water, and taking photos. Yeah, not feeling that, we started walking around the park. People were riding bikes, playing basketball, eating and drinking, and of course making out in dark corners.

I'm defnitely going to go there again. I want to also go to the various cafes that are along the Han River bridges. I would have take pictures, but the new camera I ordered hasn't arrivd yet. I got the Samsung ES25 from GMarket. I needed something that wasn't too expensive because I need to save up for Japan and other mini-trips I want to take over the next few months. I spend a good chunk of Sunday skyping with my friends from back home (Go DABA and sometimes BANDA) hehe :P!!! Those 4 hours of bantering back and forth were really wonderful for me. I love my friends, and am so thankful for the ones I have here and back home. They keep me grounded, while letting me fly off into my own world sometimes. It was great, because we always laugh when we are together whether in the real world or the cyber world. I love people who make me laugh, and they always do. My other Faith hasn't arrived yet. She's taking her time coming into our world, and I am super excited to catch a glimpse of her when she does. It's weird sometimes having two of my closest friends who are like sisters to me married and with kids. Our lives are completely different right now, and I worry that we'll drift apart, but I won't let that happen. They'll never be able to get rid of me:)

I'm already ready for this week to be over, so that my birthday week can arrive. I'm not sure what I'm going to do for my birthday, but I want to spend it with my friends. I'm going to do something nice for myself each day of next week; see a movie, go shopping, eat delicious foods....whatever comes to mind. Just small things that make me feel happy.

Right now I'm in the 7-8 month part of my time here. Time seems to be picking up speed and the days slip into each other silently. I'm busy, but I'm enjoying myself. I'm trying to spend more time exploring more of Seoul. This place feels like my home for now, and I see myself her for another year. I'm not ready to go back to the states, but who knows what the next four months will hold.

Alrighty, I hope your Monday goes by flawlessly and with bits of laughter in there. Have a great day everyone. Here's to a speedy week!

Be blessed,
~Lola O.~
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