Lola O.
Hello Friday, I've been waiting for you all week. Seriously, since I woke up Monday morning I've been hoping it would magically turn into Friday, and even though I had to wait, you are finally here.

The weather is pretty fabulous right now. Chilly and windy, with plenty of rain. I seem to be the only one at school enjoying it. I feel like Autumn is just around the corner, and Summer is washing away with the rain. I hope it keeps getting colder, because I am so beyond done with humidity. Not looking forward to Winter, can Autumn just stay here all year?

On an even better note, my niece was born (9/9/10) and I am overjoyed to have her in this world. It was the first thing I saw when I got to school after having a semi-annoying morning getting ready and it brightened my day immediately. I am dying for some pictures, I want to put a face to her name because that's all I've got to hold me for the next few months till I get to meet her in person and hold her and my other niece in my arms. It's a weird feeling for two of my best friends to have daughters and husbands already, but life has no clear path and we each choose our own. A lot of people I graduated with ended up getting married this past year. I guess some marry younger and some older. Sometimes my family is like when are you going to get a boyfriend and get married, or the I have someone I'd like you to meet, and blah blah. When I was younger I thought I'd be married by 25, but not anymore. I don't want to get married till I'm like 30. Sorry mom and grandma, thank goodness I have an older sister to keep them happy...hehe. I've got so many things to do and discover in my own life, that I am not ready or willing to make that committment. I still want to go back to school, travel more, and just not be married yet. Who knows, some man might come along and change my mind, but for now it is firmly set.

I'm sad to have not been there for these big moments in their lives, but I know I'll be there for the others. Seriously, babies make me go gaga, I cannot wait to see them in person, and get to know them. Best birthday present ever. My mom, and Amanda said they'd each be sending me a birthday package, and I'm excitedly anticipating them. I miss home, and it will be nice to have something to tide me over till I go back. I've been really craving my monthly Cosmopolitian and Glamour magazine sessions. I love reading magazines, and I don't get to do that here. Limited selection, and overpriced here in Seoul. Speaking of things I miss and look forward to besides the obvious of my family and friends. I miss driving my car. I miss my grandma's special sauce she makes because I love it. I miss living 5 minutes away from Camille, and going to her house for movie nights and venting sessions. I miss my GMI church family. I miss that feeling of knowing (here, even the simplest thing can become complicated). I miss being there for the big moments, but even more the small everyday moments. I miss my bedroom aka my Sanctaury. I miss my brother's reluctant but wonderful hugs. I miss talking to my sister everyday. I miss laying in my mom's bed and watching tv with her. I miss it all, but I know when I leave Seoul that I'll miss things here too.

I'm looking forward to seeing some of my friends this weekend and catching up on our vacations and how life's been treating us since we last saw each other. We've also got to plan for Tokyo. I have so much catching up to do. I need to get re-organized and back into the swing of things. I've been really tired since I got back to Seoul. Back to the world of alarms and schedules. I'm already craving Chuseok's reprieve from working. I'm starting to think about what I will do during my winter vacation. I'd like to go somewhere that will not be cold. So if you have a hot spot to recommend please send it my way! Hopefully, I'll have at least one traveling companion to enjoy the trip with. I also want to plan some weekend getaways to other parts of Korea, so feel free to recommend some places to check out.

These days I wish that I could pause time so I could do things at my own pace, instead of life's pace, but that hasn't happen. So I fumble, and I stumble, but I'm making it through. Wishing all of you a stress-free Friday, and a fun filled weekend.

Out of all the girl groups, of which there are wayyyy too many. I like 2NE1 because they depart from the norm and pretty much all YG artists amaze me. I have to say Minzy is my favorite, because she even though she is the maknae of the group she's got a lot of spunk and talent.

Be blessed,
~Lola O.~
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  1. Winter will come in December and still till March. Start knitting those sweaters!