Lola O.
Hello lovely readers!!! I hope your week has been going smoothly with no hiccups to throw you off. I'm sitting at my desk watching my 6-3 students studying for a little quiz we are giving them, and I just feel really happy and lucky to be here having a few pages and maybe even a chapter in their books of life.

I was really dreading going to school today. I've been sick since Tokyo, because it ended up being rainy and cold for 3.5/5 days and I didn't pack for that kind of weather. Also, I'm just feeling lazy since having so much time off, but today one of my students reminded me of why being here is so wonderful, and as most inspiration goes it wasn't intentional.

There is this student who is pretty quiet, doesn't say much in class, and really doesn't make much of an impression at first glance, but today I got to discover a little part of him. There is this English speech contest going on, and I am one of the four judges. The kids have been turning in their essays to my co-teacher, but today she was somewhere and Hyun turned it into me. I was just going to glance at it, to see what his precious thing is (the topic of the essay) and I was really captivated by his writing because I didn't expect such deepness in his words. It was a really beautiful essay, and it just made me feel honored to have been able to read it, and I am so excited to hear the other speeches next week. I also have to give one as well, about my life, teaching, and the things that are precious to me. It will be nice to let the kids learn more about me, and to learn more about them in return.

I look around the classroom and I wonder what each of my students stories are. What are their families like, where do they see themselves in the future, what dreams do they have, what are they afraid of...and so on. I'm a curious person about everyone and everything, but we don't always get to know another person's story, and sometimes they just don't want to share or they're afraid to.

You think you know someone, but you've barely scraped the surface of them, and people change too. Reading about his precious things made me realize I have to dig deeper, look a little harder, and don't assume someone is some way until they show or tell me. It was a nice moment on this sunny Thursday afternoon.

That's the thing about life, we assume someone is someway, and miss out on getting to know who they really are, even when their just your students. It's funny how little moments can have a such a big impact.

Wishing you a fantastic rest of your week!!!

Be blessed,
~Lola O.~

P.S. Travel posts will be coming your way soon!!!
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