Lola O.
  • Fall is my favorite season, because I like all the colors and layers people wear
  • My students still think I got an adjumma perm
  • The state of my enviroment shows the state of my mind/life
  • I'm debating whether to be a guidance couselor, a therapist, or something else in that arena
  • 6-1 is my worst class. I'm looking forward to them going to middle school.
  • My mom is going to be 50 on the 14th
  • After teaching here I like kids more than I did
  • Kraft mayonnaise is sorely missed right now. I miss sandwiches so much!!!
  • Lately I've been drinking milk tea more than usual, probably because of Hong Kong
  • I feel the most free when I am...dancing or writing
  • I'm a 260 in Korean shoes which makes me unable to buy all the lovely shoes I see
  • I miss you Tiffany oma :)
  • When I was a little kid before the lawyer/judge years I wanted to be a therapist
  • Everyday I read GMH, Six Billion Secrets, LGMH, because they remind me that the choices I make, the words I say, the attitude I have can lift someone up or break someone down
  • I like sushi that is cooked not raw
  • I thought Tokyo would be more, but I think my expectations were to high because of Seoul
  • The only time I like to listen to rap is when I'm driving, exercising, or dancing
  • Sometimes when I'm teaching I have that feeling of wanting to be a kid again
  • I'm currently listening to Mumm-ra's "Light Up This Room"
  • My foreign neighbors both moved out so I have no clue who lives by me
  • I've been wearing red everyday lately to remind myself to be strong when and where it counts
  • The lady I bought plantains from has disappeared to somewhere
  • The other day I told one of my best friends that all I really want in life is to be happy everyday, and to make others happy everyday. That's the simple yet complicated truth.
  • I write everything down because if I don't I feel like I'll forget it
  • My students are constantly trying to capture me in a picture or a drawing. The results are hilarious.
  • It wasn't until I started teaching that I realized with out a doubt the power and beauty of being someone's teacher. Whether in a professional or personal way, being someone's teacher is a great honor.
  • Lately I've developed the habit of making a wish whenever I chance upon the time being the same digits. Most of time it ends up being 2:22 when I look at the time.
  • My mom is 50 years old today. Happy Birthday to my lovely mom!!!
  • I'm becoming really lazy these days. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it's just me. But it's getting out of control and my neat freak self is having none of that.
  • Little by little I'm finding simple things I like, just by taking a chance and trying it out, and I like that. Start with the small everyday risks and eventually I'll be able to jump on the big ones.
  • I was reading my Mighty List the other day in my journal, and it was amazing to realize I'd already made some of those goals/dreams/hopes/wishes happen.
  • I'm really into Sungkyunkwan Scandal these days...seriously I cannot imagine a life without kdramas!
  • I had a student say F*** you today, but he didn't understand what he'd done wrong. What was really great about the situation was that the other students told him why it was wrong, and called him out for it. I didn't have to, it made me go all happy inside.
  • Currently listening to Massive Attack's "Teardrop"
  • I've been really forgetful today. I thought it was lunch time when it was only 4th period. I even offed the lights and made my way to the door, until my co was like what are you doing.
  • It feels like a Friday...and that's a good kind of feeling to have:)
2 Responses
  1. Bee Says:

    My hair is a natural fro as well and my students think I perm my hair too! lol! At first they thought it was a wig. I still can't go a complete day without someone touching my hair.

  2. Lola O. Says:

    Neither can I, they are still fascinated by my hair and my skin. They don't believe or more likely understand that it's my real hair, even when I pull it. Haha...will be kids:)